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So they are sending me out a replacement but he was emphasizing how they are replaceable. hopefully This one is more durable.
I really hope it works out better for you next time around. I've had the same two orange bases (one for reducer and one for regular bowl), and one black upper since new 6 months ago and all is well.
I was worried as I do mostly full temperature, and I very often heat soak for 1m 30sec before vaping for another few minutes, and I've also dropped them on the floor dozens of times, but no problems to report!

A few things I always kept in mind, and that might have worked for me were:
Each time you use it, all the ceramic/metal surfaces only need to seat lightly without any further tightening, with the odd check to be sure they're seated.
If required at all, fit the metal parts to their surrounds just once when new and leave them there, if you need another base part for a reducer, buy it from the start.
I found it a bad thing to put just the orange base on the Volcano and tighten, as it pops the metal bowl out the top. Only do that if you're familiar and going real easy with the force required.
Look out for, and try to clean/remove, any oily or tacky vape residue that drips down or finds its way onto the seating surface between the bowl edge and the stainless upper. This step might prevent the metal surfaces sticking or binding, and excess turning forces being put on the individual parts as you open and close the PEEK outer shell.
Clean while still hot, and use wooden implements, paper towels and iso wipes but don't forget to go easy and not put excess forces on the bowl and clips inside etc. It's almost impossible to fully clean some things off that ceramic surface, and I've seen that mentioned by others here too! But you can do a good job with just a quick gentle cleaning once in a while.
I don't feel there is any time limit on your session for leaving the bowl up there on the heat. My shutdown is set to one hour, I think the bowl might survive if I fell asleep at that setting.
When I remove the bowl I often separate the top from the bottom half, and put them out upright on a flat surface, it might help them to continue to cool as intended, as it allows air to circulate around the parts.

I remember being a little disappointed to hear that it might not be a vape that I could lay in bed last thing at night and draw from the whip, then just hang the whip somewhere and go asleep without removing the bowl (Although you might be able to dial that in with the shutdown timer.)
But I quickly got over that and it turned out to be a great buy for me with the deal I got. I was able to go from mostly using a Crafty+, to mostly using this Volcano Hybrid and I really enjoy it still.
Had a Digit for years and I find the Hybrid bags smoother, tasting better at higher temperatures and stronger than the convection Digit.
And the whips I love, often through water, and sometimes through a Vapexhale Nebula glass mouthpiece.


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After a looong time I'd like to post here and let u all know that the extra housing i received after the original has been charred a bit ( contacted s&b they sent a new one) still is holding up perfectly and has no marks whatsoever, seems like the first one was a unlucky one but this 2nd one holds up very well, have been testing it thoroughly. Still survives after 6 months of heavy heavy use.
I dont worry anymore about melting plastic, just clean once in a while so there is no oil buildup in between the orange part and the chamber and ur golden.
Love the volcano, best desktop vape imo
Cheers all
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