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Here is the vaporizer turned on.
Other than BTLE, the changes seem to be the removal of the switches in favor of touch controls and more than likely a changed valve system as the name hybrid and the top of the vaporizer suggest.
Interestingly though, I found this document where they left the date when the germans prepared the documentation that got submitted to the FCC in June 2018... and that date was July 2015!


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There's something called liftco on at the moment. Eric from boundless has posted a pic on his story of the hybrid which is on display there. It definitely has a whip the grey area is a sort of stabilising platform that supports the whip attachment. Oh boy.
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The email I got states that it uses conduction as well as the standard V's convection (which is why it can warm up in 40 seconds).

So it really is a new and different vape.

Whether it turns out to be an improvement is yet to be seen.

Of the portables I've used I tend to not like conduction as much as heating the air around the chamber.

As far as aesthetics, I think I like the analog version the best, and don't like the new hybrid logo from the pics I've seen.


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This update definitely seems mild.
Like the faster heatup time, like the replaceable power cord.

I don't quite understand what the bluetooth app really adds to the desktop vaping experience.
You have to walk up to the unit to fill a bag regardless.

Don't yet understand why the whip isn't an accessory to be used with existing Volcanos....

I've seen folks fashion some silicon tubing to the easy valve.
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For once an internationally sold device will cost less € than $, 600€/700USD.
I'm very tempted but at the very least I'll wait @VapoShop to store it and get 10% off.
@Stu the vape has been launched today, will the thread be merged to the usual Volcano one?
If I think about, I feel like it's ages a new desktop vape (or portable?) from a known brand gets released.
I tried the new app and it works with both Crafty and Volcano, no way to have a look at the latter without connecting one, unfortunately.
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