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A few weeks ago I received a midsection with slightly bigger holes, and a sieve. That combination gives me the best of both worlds: ultra-microdosing with awesome taste. Before receiving the sieve I used the Vapman less, because the regular oven size is too big for me, but now the Vapman is used frequently again!

I'm still amazed that the VM extracts so efficient, better than all the vapes I have used. Long live Vapman!


@Gourmet and @Calendula, you lucky guys!
Gracious, the Amaranth Vapman. :drool::luv:
Are they basic or classic models? Because if I would purchase one, I choose for the classic model. Afraid to hurt the Purple Heart... :o
How different (if you can taste the difference) is the purple vapman flavor comparing to (e.g.) the pear wood?

@Dutch-Mic, good for you! :nod::tup:
I use the sieve more & more, because of the same reason as you do.

So, yes indeed
Vapman rulezzz!!!


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These are classic ones.

As far as i know, René only does the basics for the special wood small series on explicit request.
There are woods with a stronger scent, e.g. cocobolo is such a wood, where it can be advantageous to have a mica layer.

I will leave the purple vampan untouched for the time being, i have the feeling it could be a good present for a very dear friend.:)

Perhaps @Calendula can give better information about the flavor. ;-)
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