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I’m looking for the best basket scraper for my splinter. I pm’d you with a picture of my work station that has a hole for this tool, but is small (here’s the pic). The max diameter of the business end can’t be more than 2.5 mm.

I was on your Etsy site and there are several reclaim pieces that look promising (WO 4, WO 6, and WO 9). Which do you think will be best? Or do you have a better suggestion? I’m anxious to place an order, so please let me know. Thanks and happy belated...



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Holy moly guys, gotta say I’m kinda in love with @RogueGuy . I had a lil hospital visit and got home to find my first order from TRWW, what a delight! Super speedy delivery halfway round the world and instead of the two tools I ordered, I found four! I’m very pleased with the quality and the finishing on them are waaaaay better than the Skilletools I have. Should have skipped those and gone straight to THE MAN: RogueGuy! Don’t make my mistake please, just get the best from the get-go. Get yourself better tools and he’s a real vaping human just like us, not a soulless entity so bonus points there!
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