1. RogueGuy

    The Rogue Wax Works

    Hi FC peeps. I have been on FC for a little over a year and thought I should formally introduce myself and make a place to talk about some of the products that we offer. I'm Dave and The Rogue Wax Works is my passion project that grew out of my need for dab and concentrate tools and vaping...
  2. Kanna_Kult

    Enail upgrade suggestions

    What's the best controller out there right now? Ive had my Auber RDK-300 for a few years now and I'd like to get something really top of the line, the hex nail looked really promising but from what I can tell that's kinda dead in the water. I want something that has the universal 5-pin XLR...
  3. sevenhundredten

    Sharing Tech. 440°-545° dabs with quartz inserts

    Hello all! Long time reader of FC, returning after some time away from the forum. I've been combustion free since 9/13/12. Reporting from Denver, CO. I am hear to tell you my life has changed in a great way over the last few months with some new tech. You may already know this tech, but I am...
  4. Simple10

    Is there an ultra portable enail

    like the Yocan Torch that can attach securely to the joint of any WP, but with a coil-less bucket atomizer instead? The Yocan Torch is great but I like the traditional dabbing method of stirring your concentrate into the preheated nail/chamber instead of the vape pen method of carefully...
  5. hardboiledfrog

    Induction heated e-nail with arduino closed loop temp control

    I was intrigued by the banger style nails in particular the Liger but that one isn't in my budget currently so I got this nail from http://www.dhgate.com/product/smoking-dogo-2015-may-new-arrival-universal/238802269.html for $12.85. It fits nicely on my small Silika bubbler with a 14mm to 10mm...
  6. Silat

    Oregonians and Vancouverites

    I was wondering if any Oregonians/Washingtonians have a favorite Portland/Vancouver area dispensary for a large selection of concentrates.
  7. hardboiledfrog

    Induction Dabbing

    First off thanks to all for your amazing contributions to the cannabis community, I have learned a lot from all of your forum posts. I love dabbing concentrates but I wasn't thrilled with using a blazing torch in my livingroom or tripping over e-nail wires as I am often clumsy. Plus e-nail...
  8. Silat

    List of enails

    Is there a list of the best enails somewhere on this site? I understand it is subjective but it seems there must be some consensus about the best of the best.
  9. Silat

    China etc...

    Last time I looked at glass was in the 60's. So I am looking at rigs and getting confused. Example: I go to http://www.newvape.com/quartz-glass and see their selection of glass. Then I notice what seems to be the same glass on DHgate at much lower prices. Are the DHgate versions knockoffs or are...
  10. Copacetic

    LASER dabbing (shark free)

    Ok, so a couple of months ago I managed to get hold of some concentrate for the first time (I have a 33 year 420 background, but had only tried oil smeared on papers/hotknifed before). I was impressed with the results from a Titanium honey bucket, but not so keen on the noisy torch. So I got...
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