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Hi FC peeps. I have been on FC for a little over a year and thought I should formally introduce myself and make a place to talk about some of the products that we offer.

I'm Dave and The Rogue Wax Works is my passion project that grew out of my need for dab and concentrate tools and vaping accessories.

We primarily specialize in high quality, unique Dab & Concentrate Tools. We have sourced tools from various industries, selected for their quality, utility and versatility.


An offshoot of The Rogue Wax Works is “Reclaim”. A project in which we take reclaimed furniture parts and turn them into unique handles paired with the tools our clients have come to love and trust.



I am 50 years old and have been combusting cannabis since I was 15 so I’m no stranger to the old paradigm of smoking. I am, however, new to vaping. I’m proud to say that a little over a year ago I switched to vaping and dabbing only and have not looked back. Since then, because of my nature and because of my business, I have dove into the world of vaporizers head first.

All this eventually led me to the Dynavap Vapcap. I love its simplicity, rugged elegance and how it can deliver the most subtle flavorful hits or massive clouds that instantly launch you into the stratosphere.

Using the Vapcap naturally led me to tinker and the TRWW Bowler was born. As I used the Vapcap I realized there were things I always needed, like a place to put ABV and a magnet or two. I also would use other vapes at the same time so I needed a way to carry everything from my garage (wife bans me but at night I hotbox the office) into the house. I looked online for what was available and it just wasn’t my style so I went and found an old wood tray, refinished it, put some magnets in it and had my first tray. It worked perfectly for my needs and an idea was born.









Coming Soon - Waiting for tool tips


I DO NOT MAKE ANYTHING FROM SCRATCH!! I am an incredibly transparent person, some have already experienced that. All my listings say that I do not create from scratch and I show the source material in the tool adds and state that the wood trays are “reclaimed’ Items. I have never made any claims otherwise. I have had a little shade thrown my way because I’m refinishing and repurposing vintage items not creating them from scratch. And if that’s how you feel, that’s OK with me. I’m not expecting everyone to like what I do. Or am I looking to change any minds. But…..the fact that I do not make the wood Items from scratch does not mean that I do not spend significant time, energy and creativity refinishing most. I see what I do as rescuing something at the end of its life, something that was once beautiful and cherished, but is now old and worn, and giving it a new life, a new purpose, and hopefully someone will love it again. Doing this is not new to me. Doing it at a small scale is (see sections way below on what I do for a living).

You also won’t find holes and compartments for every piece of equipment in my wood trays. It’s not that I can’t drill or router a hole, it’s that it’s not my style. I guess I’m flipping the script on what people expect and have come accustomed to. I grew up smoking weed in my parents wood paneled basement, but so many others didn’t and there is a new generation of cannabists looking for something different. I think I offer a different perspective.

I use what I sell. I test everything. I only sell things I would have in my collection.

When I see these items I see the beauty and the artist that originally created them. I want to preserve them. I'm happy to find them a new purpose and home. And, not everything needs a magnet.






I want to bring you something unique, beautiful and functional.

My stores can be found here:
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A little about me:

I'm 50, Married with two amazing young daughters 4 and 6. i grew up in the city but now live in a small mountain town.

I'm a contractor. Like I said, I take crap and make it beautiful again.








I have done a little gardening




Sometimes I like to just vape a bowl and relax

I made a very cool All Glass Convection Vape out of commercially available glass.

My stores can be found here:

I will be posting things here from time to time so please check back.

Please feel free to contact me here or at


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I love what you are doing, and that you are giving new purpose to deserving items. You have made me rethink my vape routine. I can see a connection in the pictures between the house, garden, trays and tools. There is a functional and beautiful utility to everything you do. Streamlined and calming. I wish you every success and happiness, and look forward to buying from you in the future.


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This Rogue Guy is a pleasure dealing with , I have the ALL GLass SmokeStack and boy does it deliver, hUGE Clouds!

Love the Reclaim repurposed concept and addition to your line of products. Fu k the haters! ;) They'll (most) never grow colas like yours ! :o :D

One man's garbage is another man's treasure !

Vape on!


@RogueGuy ~ I've used a lot of dab tools over the years and always wondered what is the best and most efficient tool. I started a thread about it a few years ago but it never got much feedback nor momentum.

What style tool do you prefer to dab with? Please post a pic.

Have you found any designs that are more efficient than others, any tip designs to be avoided?

Do you find certain designs are better at vaporizing everything and leaving nothing left on the tool?

Are there some designs more prone to allowing oil to run up the shaft?


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@FlyingLow These are the 2 tools I use the most. I think everyone that uses wax should have a paddle/scraper type to use with loose oils, transfer concentrates and I use the paddle a lot in the winter. My wax is in the garage so it's hard and brittle in the winter. I heat the paddle just a little and then cut/melt a dab off.

The pointy tool is great for medium density wax, loading a coil etc.

I do low temp dabs so I want a tool that I can hit with a torch without getting my wax too hot. I find in a banger you want the least amount of metal on your end so that it will heat up and release as quickly as possible.

If using a Ti nail I recommend a Ti tool but have used SS and watch others do the same.

I think the tool that works best depends on your usage. I also really like this tool that is purposed here for the Vapcap but I use it for my wax pen too.


I have like 70 styles and these are the 3 I use the most.


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A couple of things that I'm fooling around with right now. On top is the SmokeStack now with 14mm J Hook and 5x10mm Quartz beads in the heater. Im finding that the smaller diameter J gives better flavor and more condensed vapor. I also found in my first tests, and maybe I'm wrong, but I thought the quartz beads seemed to really increase flavor.

At the bottom is a re-purposed (let the hate begin) 14/18 adapter for the DV Tip with 18MM J hook. You might notice by the color that this little baby is getting a lot of use. While I love my stems, this is becoming my go to with the J and throwing on my WP. If you are interested in one of these DV setups PM me. I'm not sure I'm going to offer them on Ebay.


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