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Daydreams are OK
Meanwhile, in the humdrum of the local grain store, “Eclipse” is on the lookout for faaa-ast
meese to cut to the chase

Gonna be a fun, long lun:whoa:r nite, tonight.
Hang tite, show begins @ 10:30....

Come one, come all! To Earthvision #1.

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Blood moon total eclipse for eastern US peaks at 12:11 am EST.

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ANY opportunity I get, I look at cosmological stuff, be it live, image, or video. It is that inspiring to me.
These are called hoodoos, rare, but found around the world. They are formed when dense rocks slow the erosion of softer rock underneath. This formation is in the French Alps and are named Demoiselles Coiffées -- which translates to English as "Ladies with Hairdos"...and of course the Milky Way in the background.


Daydreams are OK
First transgender hurricane of 2022?

Will cat 2 Hurricane Agatha become Hurricane Alex as it makes landfall over the narrow Isthmus of Mexico ( Tehuantepec ) Tuesday night? Some 200 km later.

#Non-binary? Perhaps.

Stay tuned. :sherlock:

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Daydreams are OK
Guy Fawkes would be thrilled—although he was no marshmellow
He was a toasted fellow, they said in parliament

The Coronation stage coach, with the Queen appearing as a hologram

She said the buggy was uncomfortable, not meant for riding.
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