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Benson X

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It looks lovely and so hairy, must have so nice floral notes?
I'm not very articulate or eloquent with my description, but this strain is very piney (Pinene) with strong underlying citrus notes (Limonene). Every batch I get from this grower is super consistent; covered in bright orange stigmas and tightly grouped trichomes throughout.

Pistol Pete

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Okay, I would not be here if I didn't love a good Sativa. My all time favorite would be Durban Poison. Morning meds are usually any Tangie mixs. My favorites are Tangie Cookies 🍪 and Sour Tangie. In the last year Peach Fuzz 🍑 has been very good 👍 also.


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Back in the seventies you could get Jamaican sativa that was truly amazing. There were some Asian things like Thai stick that were very trippy. Haven't had anything like those for decades. Been meaning to try to find some real, landrace sativa seeds.
Memories..... a friend brought back a suitcase full of Ganja from her Jamaican vacation.
I remember it as the only flower that I ever really liked the taste of it (combusted).

Wish I had some now to vape


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i am celebrating my one year anniversary on FC with some buddha haze.
just the smell and taste alone is so incredible. 90% sativa.
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