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Vaporizer evolution isn't that old, it's still cheap to just smoke it. Artist are not the wealthiest and Collective consciousness takes some time. Even more if u only have access to street hash (le bon sale shit, qui mal s'effrite...)

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Haha ma tête n'est pas encore vraiment en mode français ce matin :)

I think this is one of the more "native" ways of vaporising. Well vaporizing partly at least...
The same can happen in a traditional narghile (Hookah I think) if the coals are placed sensibly on top.

Sorry this probably has been posted already, but...

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It could be vap if the coal isn't in the airtake flow, but never seen a chicha doing it like this. In normal way of use, the coal combust and you inhale part of it, even if you put it far from the load...

I see it as precursor to the Sticky Brick type vaporizers.
The butane flame is not a clean heat source either.
Coal is bader of course but if it glows correctly is less smokey than a lot others, it is a heat source heating the vaporisable load. So fo me this really goes in the direction of vaporisation.
And in the form of the steam chalice is a way to get a decent hit out of pretty bad weed.
But you are right you inhale the gases of the glowing coal. But much less smoke than if you would burn the load.



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