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So I hope it's ok for me to rant a little in the reggae thread. I just took my sons to see Stephen Marley. The venue they played was super strict against any smoking or vaping, had security everywhere (youngsters with walkie talkies). Mind you I am an old fart and have gone to more than my share of Reggae shows.
The opener for the show was Stephens band which should have been cool except they played ballads that weren't exactly reggae. It felt unpracticed and spur of the moment. Then His son Jo Mersa took the stage. He was full of energy and rocked the house in his dj style. We are in VT so they are selling $10.00 cans of Heady Topper and everyone is drinking them. Beer is spilling everywhere, people are dropping beers onto the floor, knocking into each other. UGH!
An hour and a half in and finally Stephen takes the stage. Instantly the sweet scent of ganja hits my nose and just as fast three youngsters come barging in grabbing people, keeping us all "safe". Stephen even mentions how strange it is during "No cigarette smoking in my room" He says ain't no smoking going on in here just drinkin'. Stephen played most of his father's "Legend" Album and a bunch of weird versions of his own hits. The Bob covers all seemed out of place, but, the audience seemed to like these the best.
All in all not my favorite concert of the year. I am so let down in this practice of reggae bands playing in non smoke/vaping friendly venues. It really puts a damper on my experience. Some of my favorite shows Culture, The Wailers, HR Band, Jimmy Cliff all expected some degree of ganja use and so it was.
Yes, I could use edibles or tincture. Just something about vaping up at the show. Especially when the band joins in.
This is not my video but it is from the same show


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Oh my gosh! :o

big BIG TUNE ! ! !

Sing it with me now -
'. . . . with my mind on my weed & my weed on my mind!' ;)

Bless up


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"Pon di battlefield, I'm a Rebel
With a cause, never pause
Babylon a devil
Pon di battlefield, Im a Rebel with a cause
observe the laws of Ma'at

I am a liberal opposer
practioner of yoga
position of the cobra
tradition of the Shona
trace back my lineage to inna ethiopia
down inna Kemet me build di pyramid of Djoser

Hieroglyphics dem a call that Medu Neter
when me see the sun a rise in the sky me call it Kheper
High priest a cure the Leper
with praises onto Neter
them come ya with them cross but mi say the ankh is better

...haile selassie a di leader
deh pon di battlefield ya
humble as a lamb mi just a follow di procedure
rasta man a healer
beast get trample under heel ya
mi buss up every seal weh dem seal ya
read a couple chapter den
reflect upon di factor dem
focus on di acronym
fi open up mi chakra dem
seated inna di lotus mi a soak up all di oxygen
Kemetic yoga mi bring over from the continent
africa thats where we wanna be
we living inna poverty cause a di economy
capitalistic and the materiality
we no see reality only periodically.....


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^^^^ Your posts are most gratefully recieved gifts - sounds to soothe the pain in a world of so much hurt. To me, living proof that love will forever out :luv:

Blessings of Peace and Love


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I'm all over the place today, unexpected day off and some Hawaiian Gold has me pretty scattered..

People always talk about drum machines changing everything, but to me the biggest change with digital was how many more notes the basslines had all of a sudden.

..but the guys that could ride digital could ride pretty much anything I guess

sometimes i just want to sit and stare and reflect though.
I'm as shocked as anyone that this dude made my favorite ska record of the 2000s so far.
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