1. JCat

    Dead & Company - Free Stream of 2018 Summer Tour Opening Show

    Anyone else enjoying this tonight?
  2. K

    Your Least Favorite Song to Get Stuck In Your Head

    So I have a song stuck in my head right now. It wouldn't be too bad, except it's "All About that Bass" or whatever it's actually called.... it annoys me how often it repeats, but the main reason I do not like it, is that there are a ton of different kinds of bodies that are all healthy and...
  3. lwien


    I know that there have been many posts about artists that have passed away so I thought that having one thread for this may make more sense. The most recent..... RIP Kieth Emerson from ELP. This one was suicide. :rip:
  4. L

    Favorite song to listen too???

    I am curious as to what kind of music people like to listen too while they are medicated. Or are there people who don't like to listen to music while medicated? also whats your favorite stoney song or artist? I like to listen to slow music with a quick tempo. I like how it makes me feel relaxed...
  5. nopartofme

    ACPAD - augment your acoustic guitar This is a wireless (or USB) MIDI controller designed to be attached to an acoustic guitar like a pick guard. Made in Germany. Coming soon to Kickstarter. No word yet on the price?
  6. VegNVape

    Sweet Mary Jane Music - A Herbal Homage - Ganja Tunes!

    Hello good people of FC :) I absolutely love music! And if that music is in some slight way a tribute to the healing herb then all the better! There are soooo many songs out there relating to Cannabis - old, new & covering many genres - that I thought I would try to get them altogether in one...
  7. VegNVape

    Roots & Culture - Dub - Reggae & beyond...SELECTA ! ! !

    Whaaaat?!!! I can't believe it!! I just searched the entire forum & found that there was no dread' thread already in existence! :( We can't be having that! :p So here we are, and in my opinion, this thread really needs no further introduction. Suffice it to say, if it's reggae related, post...
  8. momofthegoons

    Cool Music to Vape to - Part 2

    I've noticed a lot of the people who used to contribute to the Music thread no longer do so. I've also been painfully aware of how long it takes to load. So I am opening up a new thread for music lovers to post in. The difference is that instead of posting the video, you will post a link to...
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