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Seen both of these guys and if you ever get the chance go and see LKJ. Lee Perry just toasted over a load of Duran Dufukinran so can't really say if it would be worth seeing him.


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Lovely, lovely tune . . . .

. . . . 'Borderline' by the one Anthony Red Rose
Yeah, I'm feelin it. I FEEL IT!!!

Ha! Lee Perry - upsetter and innovator!

Never know what you're gonna get.

Love - Respect - Guide - Protect

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actually its really messed up what happened to Smiley Culture.

Dirty lying pigs say that while he was under arrest and his home was being raided he 'stabbed himself whilst making a cup of tea'.

Still no justice,
... its fucking shameful.

'Stabbed himself whilst making tea!' - Yeah right! I mean, how fucking stupid do they think we are?, Cos anyone with an inkling of critical thinking can swiftly deduce that that scenario is just an implausibility.
Yeah so just let me get this right, Smiley Culture is under arrest, so they say, "hey mate, by the way, you can go and make yourself a cuppa, before we take you down the nick!" Yeah right, how fucking BRITISH is that fucking piece of make belief?
Since when did 'Dibble' allow you to make yourself a cup of tea, after placing you under arrest? Cos that shit don't happen round our way!

Anyway moving on...

So later on in the elite's social club, the conversation was said to be along the lines of
"Oh I say old bean, (in a snooty Lord Ponsonby accent) I'm afraid old Smiley has had a dreadful accident, the poor chap has only gone and stabbed himself through the heart whilst making a cup of tea...How astonishingly unfortunate!"

Yeah right, just fuck off -with that!:|

Not saying:\ Just saying:| Without Saying;)

Peace :leaf:


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Great thread @VegNVape and fellow music lovers. This one is not strictly fitting the origin of the is thread - but you know, one love! :)
And I absolutely LOVE this band. Got all of their albums, too good, many styles and wonderful melodies.

One world. One life. One chance.
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Times they are a changing . . .

But, on authority, this tune a stone cold killah . . .
And if you can't feel this, brothers & sisters . . . . you need to check ya damn pulse . . .


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