Roast Box - Zippo heater case for Dynavap


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Oo, neat! Count me among those interested in the stash version. I like that this replaces the nail in your old model with the butt of the wooden hinge. How hot is the metal shroud after use? My ideal would be to have this as my on-the-go solution, in which case I'd want to stick it back in my pocket right after heating the VapCap. Have you ever experimented with less heat-sensitive shroud options?
Very nice!! I really like that a lot!
Thank you so much!

Oo, neat!

this replaces the nail in your old model
I think i have an improved latch. It's still a nail, but a nicer looking nail. It has a nice mirror finish that isn't showing up well in this photo. What do think of this? Or should i continue to try and find something better?

How hot is the metal shroud after use?
I would say that, immediately after you finish lighting the piece, the shroud feels about as hot as the cap would be just seconds before the cool down click. And then it takes about 2 seconds to be comfortable to touch. I hope that reference makes sense.
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So I discovered something this weekend that seems too good to be true. I was out testing the new case when i realized i left the cap at home for my Omnivong. Still determined, I decided to try it anyway with the cap off. I thought, "I should suck on it while it's lit to feel the heat, to determine when the temp is right." I've done it with the cap on before and have had wild results. Adding airflow seemed to make the temp rise quickly and combust if you weren't quick to react at the click. That was while the cap was on. Well, with the cap off, and almost immediately as i inhaled and lit the torch, it felt like steam! It was warm, but not hot, and as i felt the vapor get warmer, cut off the gas for a second, and figured (after a few practice runs) how to stop and start the heat as the titanium grew hotter. It was nearly an instant response! And no need to rotate the piece! I think it's acting how a typical butane convection setup would work, though i don't have one to compare, but now i have a reason to buy one. Maybe i should compare a log vape as well. My hits, complete from the moment i hit the trigger was about 8 to 12 seconds with light yellowing on the fresh herb. And I am floored after 2 hits! 2 is my normal dose, fyi. This is such a serendipitous dumb moment that has turned into something completely useful. I think I accidentally built a portable log vape!

As far as safety concerns are, the wood is raw Sapale that is un-waxed on the inside, and the shroud is currently aluminum. Can I assume that the aluminum shroud is safe to have in your airway, as it is in other vape devices? I should do some research. I can also look into other materials such as steel or copper if necessary. Can you think of any other issues i should consider?

I'll try to make a video of it this evening.
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In this case you probably don't need the VapCap either...


Caught this in another thread - Arizer Solo stem.
Hey, FC

I pulled down the video for now because I think it might not be the most healthy way to use this device. The wood does char some on the inside walls, and i don't think people looking for a healthier option to combustion would want that in their airpath. I still feel it's okay to heat your Dynavap and then consume your Dynavap after you've taken it out of the box, though.


I have a similar problem with IH's. I promote real-time draws and that means the coil region has to be vape-safe. There is precious little material that fits the bill with good margin.
I wanted to update you with a design change. I had gotten enough feedback, about a nail being the latch, that i finally decided to resolve that! It takes more time and resources, but I'm really glad i listened to you all.

Here it is in Morado:

And here it is in Sapele:
Since my last post, I've been able to figure out how to move the latch to the side that also includes the side you insert the Dynavap in. This gives you more room for your hands to squeeze the torch upward.

Also in the works, I'm working on making the wooden latch use magnets instead of a screw. Here's a pic of the working prototype:



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If you add a metal element in the middle, it will be easier to fire and you will be able to combine with dynastash sandwich
Just wanted to update you all on a design change, and a new model I've been testing.

For the design change, I've started making the screens out of wood. And on the inside is a stainless mesh liner. It stays cool during lighting, so no more worrying about burning yourself, and the liner keeps everything from igniting. I think it gives a warmer look, overall. (thanks @Gregol for suggesting wood screens)

Now for news about a new model, which involves a whole new lighter; the Aomai jet torch. I chose this one because of the slim design, which let's me put a stash next to it, without having to increase the width of the original size. And it's only about an inch longer. (thanks @khelek41girl for suggesting a slimmer design)

I'm still considering what wood configurations I should start with, or what options will be for extra screens. So any suggestions or feedback would be appreciated.

Thanks, all, for your input.

Prototypes displayed:
Left: Sapele body with spalted Oak screen, Morado latch
Right: Morado body with Sapele screen
Yeah i should have a couple of the new model finished maybe tomorrow or the next day. It's been a slow process, but finally seeing the light. Thanks for your interest!


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Yeah i should have a couple of the new model finished maybe tomorrow or the next day. It's been a slow process, but finally seeing the light. Thanks for your interest!
Hey no problem! Thanks for continuing with this. I thought it was really great when I first saw it and thought the people on Reddit that threw shade were mad they didn’t think of it.
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