portable induction heater

  1. Shit Snacks

    HerbalTherm 5CH (510 conduction heater for 2XV and Dyna VapCap)

    Alright looks like this project will actually precede the 2XV, which is still in development, provide feedback here or on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CVgPRJ7vpOQcQBHGv-eJzCwZjwW-2srgymYUoI0/?utm_medium=copy_link From the makers: "So the 2XV will catch a back seat to some technology...
  2. PPN

    Induction Heater ClickAndGo by Katalyzer

    Hi, I'm proud to present you the new portable induction heater made by Katalyzer, Katalyzer is a french brand although the ClickAndGo is made in China. Its features here: -powerfull induction heater (heat to the clic in 4-6s) -a strong and large magnet -a storage chamber large enough to fit...
  3. SolderBoxArt

    Roast Box - Zippo heater case for Dynavap

    Hey FC! I'm the maker of this product, and am hoping to get some feedback from this great community I've learned so much from. It's made of pine and aluminum metal, and it fits a Zippo torch insert. I could also make this for other similar-styled lighters, or other wood types. The wood is not...
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