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Discontinued RBT Splinter (All Versions)


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Ok thanks, but on vapefiend is however specify :

Warning: These mouthpieces may not fit US custom Splinters and Splinter Z sold prior to January 2019.

How can I know if it will go on my unit (no recorded date) ?

What is the : Do not use standard 19mm in notice ?
This is my recollection. Starting with the Zion, Ryan used a US standard ground glass joint that was 19/22mm. (that standard is actually 18.8mm but people call it 19 or 18) The original Milaana, the original Splinter and then the Ryan's US Custom Z was also 19/22mm. The reason for the warning was that the most common GG joints were ISO standard rather than US standard, and those are 19/26mm which is too long for the then existent RBT vapes. Then, in what I think was an effort to make some more room inside the body of the Splinter Ryan changed the joint to a 19/19mm joint, and that was the size the V1 assembled in China went with as well. So, if you have 19/19mm jointed stems that should work fine with ANY RBT vape because shorter is not a problem as 19mm is plenty of depth to grab the stem.

All the RBT vapes I have, the original Zions, the original Milaana, the original Splinter, my US Custom Z, and interestingly my Splinter Z V2 are compatible with all my 19/22mm stems, many of which I had customed to work with these vapes. I went out of my way to be sure I wouldn't be forced into the 19/19 restriction that occurred later because I had custom stems. That meant that there were certain, later, RBT vapes I couldn't get.
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All Splinter Z are 19/22, only the regular splinters and Mi3 are 19/19

Hey FC,

Randomly last week I received a Splinter with a small crack in it from Lee (even though I had no correspondence with him about receiving a splinter). I emailed him to resolve it to see if it was a mistake but never received an answer So I guess I'm in the possession of a Splinter V2 now (I've been interested in getting into 510s).

I am assuming the crack is merely superficial, as it originate at the base and continues about 1/3 up the body. It actually took me a minute to find it because it is so hairline thin. Safe assumption I presume?

Also I am looking specifically for a single 18650 DNA mod and found a lost vape Hyperion 100c fits that bill. Thoughts?


Nice! There were cracked splinters that they were giving away, I think doing lottery based on all recent customers, had you bought something else from them recently??


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Also I am looking specifically for a single 18650 DNA mod and found a lost vape Hyperion 100c fits that bill. Thoughts?

I’ve been running my V2 on an Eleaf iStick Rim C with great results. Nice tidy package that you can flash with Arctic Fox.

It was meant to be a placeholder until I settled on a dual battery mod but I like it so much, I’m staying put (for now).



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@Zillacon I randomly received a Mi3 from Lee also without notice on Saturday lol and agree with Snacks it must be from the June giveaway! Thanks, Lee!!

Speaking of vapefiend stems, I received an order from them today: XL8R kit, wpa and 2 of these bad boys, I really dig this stem so far. Cools well, you can see the vapor forming, less open draw than XL8R but not too restricted.
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SplinterZV2 Espeon back to back one hitter bowls of fine ground pineapple kush at 380F through milk blue CaliBear FOL straight fab:


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Sorry I only saw later ...
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Well I never intended to get into 510s...but here I am. Still figuring out the mod itself...looks sexy tho.

Nice looking combo! If you don't already have them you can pm me your email address and I'll forward the Splinter and Z ecigprofiles for color DNA mods.

In my color DNA Splinter days I was also a fan of Frank's Theme, although there are less ugly themes available now that still put more useful info on the home screen.


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@Zillacon Is that the Lost Vape Grus? Anyone can refer where to buy a nice cooling stem? vapor gets uncomfortably hot at times.
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Ive gotta say amber is my favorite color
Ahh, I'd mistakenly assumed the colored ones had the spikes higher up because my blue one does. Your amber looks more like my clear one and it's the extra bit of airflow that makes me prefer that one slightly. Good to know - and great match for the ipe Milaana 3 too!

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Always such variance with glass stems! Looks like I may need to get another one myself, I only have Lake Green and it's tough to get a screen in... Love that blue though:

Clearly :brow: Sorry to tease though since this particular setup is not obtainable, both one-off exclusive customs! (WPA from JoDa)
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Been a while since I’ve posted, anyhoo I received the Splinter V2 from none-other than Mr lee Sherman himself. Got to me September 4th, though I haven’t had a chance to try her out. Waiting on GEN3 Dual box mod that I ordered August 26 from Hong Kong on a very slow boat. Never again, next time I’ll pay the extra $13~$15 dollars so I can have it in my hands much sooner. Should be here this Thursday, though I’m not holding my breath.

On the other hand, I’d like to thank Bossman for his time and patience in pointing me in the right direction. I was and still am intimidated by the install of the tools, and Arctic Fox and that’s probably the easy part. Then I was completely baffled on how to configure the setting for TC/TCR, dang! And my thanks again to Mr Bossman, he was nice enough to send me a file to download the configurations onto the G3Dual.

Looking forward to finally receiving the shipment from the slow boat and getting the G3Dual and the SV2 all set up and ready to go.
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