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Last week I ordered from some animal mint from, fairly priced cbd flower. It arrived swiftly and well packed. The herbs are a bit drier and fluffier than the thc flowers I buy in coffeeshop here in the Netherlands. It smells okay. I'm more impressed with taste, especially through water, fresh and floral.

It's my first time experiencing cbd (I usually vape thc dominant sativa strains) and I appreciate the addition. Most of the days I will vape a pure cbd load with my morning coffee, and the rest of the day I'll either vape my thc herbs or load up a mix of 1:1. Effects seem noticeable, even when using cbd in isolation. Could be placebo, could be from thc in residue. My tolerance is currently way up, so I'm probably a bit numbed out for the nuances of cbd and mixing it.

When used in isolation it's basically some of the relaxation I'm familiar with from thc weed, without the stimulant headspace. Increased focus as well, perhaps the relaxing effect helps against getting distracted. Probably highly subjective as well. With thc in the mix effects aren't that far off from a pure thc session, but my tolerance might be partial to this experience. Effects with mixed load do seem to linger a little longer compared to thc only, I find myself taking longer before I grab for my vaporizer again.

As it's my first experience I have nothing to compare it to, so I'm curious to try some more strains and vendors to become more acquainted. For now this means I can't really comment on quality.
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