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MAD Heaters - Innovative Dynavap Accessories


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Any idea of stem cost yet?
It's not finalised yet, but should be in a few weeks time when the updated design is ready for manufacturing. The prices Ryan quoted in the first impressions video are not final, but it's going to be somewhere in that region. ~120$ for the Revolve, ~35$ for the Reload jar.
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I love the transparent one!

This was a total surprise to me, when it popped out of the tube I took a second or two to comprehend what this meant... it is awesome - so freakin cool!!

I am still progressing through my 'tests' but so far I am very impressed, full report coming soon!

@Brenyo nice photos dude... for anyone appreciating these too, they are really good... but they still don't quite do the stem full justice, the quality is absolutely first rate!

More soon - I promise!!

Me too, hopefully the final version, the vortex cooler will reach the CAP END?

There is a very good reason it doesn't - don't want to steal any of @Brenyo's thunder, but it's cool and works alarmingly well!! :tup:

edit: apologies to the mods, didn't realise I was posting back to back, in case I ever do this again, how do I delete a post, I can't see how? Please feel free to edit!


That looks like the perfect solution for smoother hits with a Dynavap! Love the clear one too, always liked computers and electrics with clear cases, this has that vibe but much more elegant.

You definitely got my attention with those pictures!!:love:

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Okay, I promised some more details and a mini review, so here goes. I am going to talk about Reload first because it is simpler and I have had more time to test it out properly and understand everything about it.

First of all, I am going to admit I was somewhat sceptical about this, "how useful can a jar actually be?" I asked myself, "I have lots of plastic tubs already".

You know when you are wrong, so utterly wrong it is laughable,,, well, this was one of those occasions 😂

Since I first loaded up the storage chamber with some freshly ground flower, I have used it for almost every single flower hit since over the last ~week.


That's a good question, one I think best answered by describing the workflow... yes, Reload has an actual workflow!

Let's jump right into describing daily use, imagine you have just enjoyed the last vape and you would like to Reload and have another - because well... why not :D

Here's what I have been doing:

1: Unscrew the Top Lid​
2: Use the Decapper on the Top Lid to remove the Dynavap Cap - place the cap on the magnet, slide to either side and pull​
3: Use the Debowler to remove AVB from the Dynavap Tip into the Top Section of Reload​
4: Replace the Top Lid leaving the Dynavap Cap attached​
5: Unscrew the Bottom Section storage chamber​
6: Fill the Dynavap Tip with your ground herb from the storage chamber using your preferred method​
7: Use the Tamper tool on the underside of the Top Section of Reload to tamp your herb​
8: Replace the Storage Section​
9: Pick up your Dynavap Cap from the Decapper​
10: Go vape!​

Here are some photos showing some of the above steps for clarity!

Steps 1 & 2​
Step 3​
Steps 5 & 6​
Step 7​

It has become so fast and fluid I realy can't see me wanting to go back to the plastic tubs again, all the tools I need are right there, it is super convenient, very well thought out. It is one of those things that 'just works' - it does for me at least anyway.


These are very minor gripes - okay!? They do not hamper the functionality of Reload at all, I haven't spoken to @Brenyo about these things so they may already be better, remember this is a near final prototype not a finished product.

I find the screw threads a little thin for my liking, on occasion it has taken a moment or two to align the sections. They seem solid though. No cross threading going on or anything untoward like that. I am spoiled with the Flower Mill massive 1/2 turn thread I think ;)

One of the thin green o-rings has popped off twice, no big deal, just push it back on again. I would imagine a little recess for them to sit in might make it better, but it's definitely not a deal breaker.

I kept thinking I wanted it shorter and fatter, but perhaps this is a different product, a desktop version if you like. The reality is that the size is excellent, very portable, just the right amount of storage for a trip out - even for heavy users I imagine.

Final note, there are other features, but I am going to leave it there for now, I think explaining the workflow is enough to absorb for now.

In closing, I really like it, much more than I thought I was going to :tup:

I am happy to answer any questions :)
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Awesome write up and pics, kel. Thank you I am stoked to check em out.
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the ccd inserter on the reload should definitely be long enough to set to full bowl position!
(doesn't look like that on pics above)

simrell's master key wantonly omits this decisive feature:

you can always set ccds without risk of bending them and you can always set ccds in concave shape.

the latter ensures optimal airflow in full bowl position, since the least area of the ledge at the bottom of the tip is covered.


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Hey guys,

Will you be shipping these globally? I am super excited about the Reload (seriously, it is perfect for what I am looking for) but I'm from Israel and most companies don't ship internationally


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Hey guys,

Will you be shipping these globally? I am super excited about the Reload (seriously, it is perfect for what I am looking for) but I'm from Israel and most companies don't ship internationally

Hey, yes we will, it should be no problem to deliver there afaik. If you can order from Dynavap then we can ship there as well. 🙂
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