1. Vivant

    Which one do you choose, wood 510 thread vape pen?

    VIVANT launched a new wood 510 thread vape pen. So which one will you choose?
  2. Vivant

    VIVANT Double Cartridge 510 Thread Battery

    Features Unique patented industrial design Supports two cartridges simultaneously (enjoy one flavor, the other, or both together) Compatible with CCELL 10.5mm cartridges (length under 70mm) Replaceable upper housing for customization Draw-activated or button-activated for convenience Battery...
  3. invertedisdead

    Yocan Lux 510 Battery

    Found these on my doorstep this morning, will be putting them through the ringer and document my findings for my FC family! First impressions are these definitely have some heft to them, this is aimed as an affordable bare bones battery but it’s got great airflow (four large notches) and...
  4. F

    510 Base

    I've been making 510 extension cables for a bit and the idea struck me for a 'fixed' extension cable that acted as a base or DIY platform - v1 on the left, v2 (partially assembled) on the right These are for my daily driver, Splinter Z - really changes the form factor, feels better to use...
  5. R

    Best Party/Festival-Vape

    Hi folks, after browsing this forum for a long time, I've made myself an account here cause I need some advice. I am running on a dynavap right now (Silversurfer with glassballs @home) and love this thing but some days ago, a good friend of mine had his birthday a few days ago, we've brought...
  6. R

    510 Powered Induction Heater?

    Does anyone know if it's possible to power a induction Heater via an Boxmod? Like just using it as the power source in a build? Sorry if this question is dumb i'm not very keen on electronics or other stuff like that. I'm just thinking about building a heater and this came to mind for a easy...
  7. Megaton

    Dreamwood Glow 14 vs 18 vs Mistvape Imp

    Really interested in these vapes, but I am struggling to make a final choice! So those who have both what are your thoughts!? I already have two splinters so I am looking for something a bit more portable and robust, with ease of use whilst out and about being very important. I dont need...
  8. supershredderdan

    ModPod Labs JetPack Expansion for StemPod

    Hey PodHeads and FC fam, Dan here again. We have something pretty neat cooking, and we are finally ready to start showing it off. Introducing JetPack: the butane Expansion Pack for StemPod Simply replace the 510 deck with this insert and you have converted your 510 vape into a full...
  9. funkyjunky


    STRAW features: full melt concentrate 510 threaded attachment on demand, instant heat-up time temperature controlled coil based and rebuildable different shapes and sizes of coils possible (default: tri-fused clapton) TUBO firmware supported (cruise control, self cleaning mode) simple...
  10. supershredderdan

    ModPod Labs StemPod Si

    Hey FC fam, Dan from ModPod Labs here. I want to start out saying how much I appreciate everyone's support helping us prefund and launch StemPod, we couldn't have done it without you. Since we started selling, we have set out a plan for multiple products and accessories that we can address and...
  11. Alan

    iHeat 510 Heater Cartridge

    I make a desktop vaporizer called the Insta Heat (aka iHeat) which consists of a base section with a 12 volt input that controls the voltage to the upper heater section. The two sections are connected together with 510 threaded fittings which allows the upper heater section to be connected to a...
  12. supershredderdan

    StemPod by MPL

    Hi FC'ers, I am in the process of developing a fully rebuildable 510 threaded attachment that will vaporize herbs via convection heating, and also vaporize concentrates directly on the heating element similar to a Sai or Divine Tribe atomizer. We Hope to launch our product by the end of the year...
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