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  1. Camouflet

    Camouflet Injector

    Hello FC, After many requests and suggestions, we are happy to present the all new Injector by Camouflet! A minimalist Injector head to pair with 20mm coils. The Injector offers Camouflet’s heater matrix design as a temperature regulated device. Giving you the control and power you’ve been...
  2. B

    Fenix Neo

    Hello everyone! I got myself a Fenix Neo vaporizer today, however even after 5 heating cycles it still gives off a plastic fume smell. Has anyone had similar or even the same issues here?
  3. XpeeN


    Seems like XVAPE gonna release another budget convection vape, check the official website for info. Looks interesting ngl.
  4. Abysmal Vapor


    Okey ,here is finally something interesting.After some tries i managed to get in touch with the real manufacturer and confirmed this one is comming in middle of 2022. Btw already asked if they can make the battery replaceable. A full convection pen sized with an arizer style bowl and cooling...
  5. RogueGuy

    Glass Vapes From The Rogue Wax Works

    Hey FC peeps I have been working on a bunch of different glass vapes for the last couple years. I hope to make a separate post in the vaporizer thread but figured I would post them here for now. They are unreleased because I'm waiting for parts for all but the No Name. 1. Vape Funnel - Direct...
  6. ConvectCode1

    On demand convection or on demand hybrid?

    Can anybody suggest any good on demand convection vaporizers that a guy can actually get, other than the Tiny Might and Tafee Bowle? Can anybody suggest any good on demand hybrid vaporizers other than the FW series? Basically, I have a large collection of all types of vaporizers but find I...
  7. Shit Snacks

    HerbalTherm 2XV

    RastaBuddhaTao has re risen! Despite the pause after ending RBT a couple months ago, Lee and Ryan's new company HerbalTherm is launching soon! Though their plans for the desktop unit fell through, this new product is finally coming to fruition as the 2XV (remember ZipZap? lol) with a prototype...
  8. Dan Morrison

    The Toad from Morwood

    This has been my side project for the last year or so. As many of you know I've got my hands full with the Nomads, so I've only been able to work on this when I have free time. What does a woodworker do on his days off? Woodworking of course! The concept behind the Toad is for me to just have...
  9. Dan Morrison

    The Convection Thread

    I've been diving down the rabbit hole of convection heating techniques and I think there is a ton of cool stuff to talk about. So, this is an attempt to dump my thoughts and start some discussion. This will only cover 100% convection heating. Everything changes when you introduce active...
  10. RedEyeFlightControl

    The JetDryV (Wood Oven Module) by REFC Labs LLC

    Hi all, RedEyeFlightControl here, to introduce the first vaporizer release from REFC-Labs.com The JetDryV Gen 3 Wood Oven Module This started as a personal project to design compact, modular oven for a multitude of use cases. The goal was first a highly performant, and second, extremely...
  11. C

    I created a new butane vaporizer

    I started vaping herb a few months ago, and it’s definitely one of the best decisions I ever made. I live in an illegal state, so in my search for the perfect vaporizer, I couldn’t find one that matched all of my needs; so I created my own. I don’t want to give away too many details, but it’s...
  12. floribud

    Yocan HIT

    https://www.yocanvaporizer.com/products/yocan-hit-vaporizer Didn't see a thread for this, but this one seems to good to be true. Convection on-demand - at least according to the instructions - Correction: YocanUSA.com says 30 second heat up time, that sounds more likely... Make sure that the...
  13. K

    The Ultimate Clean Portable Convection Vaporizer

    I have to say this forum has an amazing array of people with experiences, expertise and knowledge on the topic of vaping. Some of you OG's are like wine connoisseurs. You have a nose for what is good and bad. Having a background in software and app development. I love the challenge of creating...
  14. K

    What do you recommend for a FULL Convection Vape?

    Hi, I'm a day away from buying the Firefly2 + due to it being full convection. I don't want conduction or hybrid I also don't want a lot of smell I want ease of use. As simple as possible. So far that brings me to the FF2+ The only 2 things I don't like about the FF2+ are ( the plastic...
  15. VegNVape

    Discontinued Hopper io

    Well let's kick things off then shall we . . . ? Release date is currently set to April 2020 and it appears that preorder reservations are still available for $99 here: https://www.grasshoppervape.com/store/product/electric-blue-grasshopper/ I know I'm definitely looking forward to this . ...
  16. V_for_Vaping

    Linx Eden

    Just saw a news release about this new convection flower/concentrate pen from Linx. Linx Eden I love Linx products and hope this turns out to be as good as the Hypnos but for flower. I never liked the form factor of the Gaia. Anyone planning on trying this out?
  17. OnsenLabs

    Onsen Labs Desktop Pro Vaporizer

    Introducing the Desktop Pro Vaporizer!!! By OnsenLabs.com Currently seeking Beta Testers! Here's your opportunity to take part in shaping vaporizer design! Click below to learn more and apply: https://www.onsenlabs.com/blog/desktop-pro-beta-trial-program
  18. supershredderdan

    ModPod Labs JetPack Expansion for StemPod

    Hey PodHeads and FC fam, Dan here again. We have something pretty neat cooking, and we are finally ready to start showing it off. Introducing JetPack: the butane Expansion Pack for StemPod Simply replace the 510 deck with this insert and you have converted your 510 vape into a full...
  19. supershredderdan

    ModPod Labs StemPod Si

    Hey FC fam, Dan from ModPod Labs here. I want to start out saying how much I appreciate everyone's support helping us prefund and launch StemPod, we couldn't have done it without you. Since we started selling, we have set out a plan for multiple products and accessories that we can address and...
  20. Bravesst

    Discontinued The Timber Elite by Vapwood

    The Lil' Bud Elite, for sale at: Vapwood.com In production for just about a year, the Lil' Bud is about to go through a big change. The Classic, as it's known around Vapwood, took about a year to perfect, and now pretty popular here on FC, but there was a call for fully automatic regulation...
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