How often do you change bong water?

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Lots of aggressive cleaning! Interesting read.

Wow @Greenscreen, crazy aggressive cleaning schedule. And I thought I was into super clean! No smells with mine and my routine over a few years now, but they've never gotten very dirty. Have you thought of PBW instead of ISO? It's better, stronger, faster and cheaper (but it has to be mixed accurately). I've done both 99% ISO and PBW and PBW is hands-down a more aggressive cleaner. Strong enough that it will take anodizing off aluminum :science:! Still mild enough that a bit of solution handling with no gloves is okay.

Wow @letter never sent, every session! Interesting. Wow @ all the other daily changers. It makes sense though. Fwiw, my routine has been to change water after three days of use (~10 sessions), which also corresponds to once a week for me (I only vape Friday after work through Sunday). Dabbing can really taint water, so sometimes I change the water after dabbing. I always use distilled water as well. And I clean my water pieces after the same 3 days of use, which again means weekly. PBW and hot water mixed and shaken @ ~1/2 volume in a water piece, then rinsed X3 (plus a dw rinse X3).

My overall vape setup and vaping/dabbing routine is really clean. Whole vapor path parts cleaning after three days of use, ultrasonic cleaner, PBW, etc. Fast & simple too. My biggest problem is the herb grinder 🤔.

Doin' it dirty bong style here!
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Honestly I am even lazier about it than you, though using drop-downs helps keep it cleaner, and I switch to distilled water, but I'm not using it all often enough to justify changing it each use or even each day, not necessarily each week even because I have way too many pieces in rotation now as well!
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Change the water. You are kidding. I had no idea you were supposed to do that. I put stoppers on the bong. The only time I changed was when I moved. I just add to it if any gets out. The water is kind of like pee soup and the glass looks like moss is growing on it...kind of cool looking.........

OK, got you!

I change it out every time. It is not a huge one...more like a bubbler.

I thought about using distilled water because that is what we drink but I have been lazy....just use the old tap.

I never thought about drinking it. (Some strains taste pretty good after vaping...kind of like a nutty flavor. I suppose if you did keep the water in there over time you might have enough to have an effect but I honestly have no idea how much you acrue in the water. It would make an interesting experiment.
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