1. CanadianFlowers

    How often do you change bong water?

    Ive been meaning to ask this for some time. I like to switch out my water when i dab every time i sesh some shatter, same for my bong I use for my vapeXhale. Ive also noticed when my piece gets dirty I find I cough a lot more too, maybe built up residual oils? Anyways a cleaner bong is always...
  2. ethiastery

    Hard Hitters

    Hi FCers, Personal account of a heavy user here... I like to get high af all day everyday as it helps immensely with my autoimmune disease. I am also a recovering alcoholic (fifth of bourbon a day for 7 years), so I like to feel my drugs. Haven't had a drink in 3 years to date, mainly because...
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