1. Q

    I plan to buy a Dynavap, do I need an adapter to use it with my bong?

    Can someone please tell me which models of Dynavap require a water pipe adapter to use with a bong and which do not? I'm a total newbie, never vaped, never even seen a vape, but need one ASAP (nausea from a medication) and have received conflicting answers to this question. I know the Dynavap...
  2. Verax

    Function Videos!

    So, I searched a bit, and I apologize if I missed it, but I don't see any function video threads. So... here it is! Show off function videos of your glass! I'll start, with a dry function video I just shot with my Skyglass Galaxy rig, using an Herborizer. :) :peace::leaf::peace:
  3. wijiji

    E-Nano GonG Adapter - What size should I pick?

    Hi, I order this Bong in Banggod last week: 11.4 Inch Glass Bong Glass Smoking Pipes Bubbler Water Bongs Tobacco Filter Recycler Hookah Hardware & Accessories from Tools, Industrial & Scientific on And now I want to get a E-Nano and I dont know if that bong is 14mm or 18mm...
  4. F

    Need help deciding a new piece

    Accidentally shattered my old beaker bong. Been researching for a replacement and my friend referred me to Dhgate. After looking around a bit I've shortlisted the following bongs : 1. (this was available...
  5. D

    This one looks like a steal, what could possibly goes wrong on Amazon?

    I was wondering if this is some kind of scam. Pictures of the piece is beautuful and it looks like it costs $150 but only $40? What do you think...
  6. CanadianFlowers

    How often do you change bong water?

    Ive been meaning to ask this for some time. I like to switch out my water when i dab every time i sesh some shatter, same for my bong I use for my vapeXhale. Ive also noticed when my piece gets dirty I find I cough a lot more too, maybe built up residual oils? Anyways a cleaner bong is always...
  7. T

    Had a Extreme Q need new piece

    Good morning everyone! As the title states I bought an Arizer extreme Q 8 years ago and I loved it. It gave out like 2 years ago. Now that I’m growing my own meds I’d like to grab the best vape to use with my bong. Something that hits hard and lets you taste your meds. I’m looking to spend no...
  8. Phenix


    if I posted in the wrong thread please forgive me. I intent to order a sidecar from Steven with 18mm cut. If I get this adapter;searl|2269399735 in the 18mm to 14mm config am I right that: - the...
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