1. D

    Would vaping through carbonated water change anything?

    I’m changing my bong water because it’s sat unused for like a month or two, and I was curious as to how using something like Perrier or Pelligrino would change up the vaping experience.
  2. CanadianFlowers

    How often do you change bong water?

    Ive been meaning to ask this for some time. I like to switch out my water when i dab every time i sesh some shatter, same for my bong I use for my vapeXhale. Ive also noticed when my piece gets dirty I find I cough a lot more too, maybe built up residual oils? Anyways a cleaner bong is always...
  3. 5

    MYSTERY SOLUTION AFTER WINTERIZATION!! Self proclaimed noob, please help :( :(

    First of all, thanks for even clicking on this thread. I’ll explain in full detail what my process was and include pictures to describe what’s happening. In a nutshell I blasted with a closed loop butane setup, purged in a vacuum oven, dissolved in everclear, froze for 2 days, filtered through...
  4. Seek

    Boiling a tea before extracting

    Hello FC, I've been collecting sugar leaves for while with a plan of making a tincture out of it. I've got a mix of leaves that are in average 50% heavily coated in trichomes. I don't have a clue about its percentage, but if heavily coated parts of of the plant are 10% thc, then i would...
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