1. A

    Looking for Ball Rig

    I would like to purchase a ball rig that’s somewhat heady and has color, I’d like to spend around 350-400 please message me if you know of anyone or anywhere selling a decent ball rig in my price range
  2. topshelfmids

    Best rosin press for beginners?

    I've heard a lot of good things about this forum on reddit, this is literally my first time on this site so excuse the poor format. I'm getting more interested in solvent less methods and rosin especially, what's the best press for beginners? I'm leaning towards the DabPress 6 Ton, seems like...
  3. mrbonsai420

    Rio Portable Dab Rig by Stache Products

    Ok, So this one is a little different. As my friends here know I have switched my methods of medicating over the years from vaping flower to dabbing, now I only use concentrates daily and flower on occasions my VAS has switched to dab rigs, enails, erigs, and portable concentrate pens...
  4. CanadianFlowers

    How often do you change bong water?

    Ive been meaning to ask this for some time. I like to switch out my water when i dab every time i sesh some shatter, same for my bong I use for my vapeXhale. Ive also noticed when my piece gets dirty I find I cough a lot more too, maybe built up residual oils? Anyways a cleaner bong is always...
  5. R

    Qwiso Frustrations

    So I'm sitting here with my final product and its gooey as all hell at room temperature. Freezing it in a zip lock makes it to where I can handle it at least. The iso has completely been evaporated but it's still just.... goo. Although I smoked a bit and I am blazed, I'm disappointed in this...
  6. HellsWindStaff


    https://www.phytodabs.com/ Does anyone have any experience with these? Thinking of picking some up, the terp infusion intrigues me cause I can't often get the terpiest concentrates around my parts. I think a dollop of one of these with my standard concentrate can probably send me to the moon...
  7. LadyLuckGlass

    Accessory Tools by Lady Luck

    Hi Everyone! I'm new to the forum. I've obtained a vendor account and am ready to share some of the work that I do. I would love your feedback. Any constructive criticism is welcome, as I am always learning. I've been working with boro for just over a year now and am addicted. I love to make...
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