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LOVE their glass just not as crazy about the shipping department! I have ordered two pieces from them, HD 3 piece bubbler and the welded couch potato. On both of my orders I experienced issues. Both times I had to reach out after two weeks and asked if they had any updates. On both occasions I immediately got a shipping notice within 24 hours. Bubbler arrived without issue after checking up on it. The second order arrived in a thousand pieces. It was wrapped a thin plastic sheet with a few packing peanuts. That piece had no chance of arriving unbroken. Truly the worst packing job of a water piece I have ever received.

What happened after that was a comedy of errors. I received a shipping notice and on the expected day of delivery it was still in GooRoo’s hometown! It appears no one brought the package to FedEx! Two months after the order was placed, I finally received an unbroken waterpiece.

Not sure I would ever order directly from GooRoo again but use a third party vendor instead. Again, no complaints about the products but the shipping needs to improve.

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That's unfortunate, yeah there is a lot of reports of terrible service like this, it can be totally hit or miss whoever is helping you in their store, and also building the pieces, and packing them up I guess... Some of the quality on the pieces is not ideal either, we talk more about them in the cheap glass thread, though it's not exactly always on topic there! Still love my color three piece and have been lucky enough to have received pretty good service from them a few times myself, even better than good
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I have two Goo Roo pieces (Couch Potato and Tater Tot), and I never had any order/shipping issues.
Though, for the sake of transparency, I think I only ordered one of them directly from Goo Roo.


Ordered my piece 2 weeks ago. I called them twice specifically about the shipping. They said it would be shipped last Saturday, then said it would be shipped on Tuesday. Then I get a tracking notice on Thursday. However, surprise surprise, it just says label created and not in transit on this current Friday. Hopefully, if I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt it actually was shipped and it's just not showing up as in transit yet. Or they put it in the USPS store and they haven't moved it out of the facility yet.


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Ordered a large in-line from Goo Roo Tuesday late PST, got tracking info following day to arrive Saturday.. pretty good turnaround for me, I’ll post what I think of it after it arrives tomorrow.


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I picked up an HD 3 piece from @VGOODIEZ stock, it’s an impressive piece! Everything is thick and high quality, right down to the artillery piece of a downstem! Very nice draw profile as well, some medium holes to bubble up if you draw light, open bore out the bottom if you want to rip it. I had been using a GooRoo MP on my TAG piece but it just broke, when I went looking for the MP I figured why not buy the whole kit and very glad I did!
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