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So a lightning strike took out my broadband. I used my cell phone as a hotspot so I could work but it was really slow and it took me 5 minutes to connect to a video conference call. The suggestion was made that I should grab my laptop and find someplace with Wifi like a coffee house. My response......"My internet connection through the phone is really slow but I'm not. I'll be staying right here and save myself a mask or two". A whole bunch of words that basically translate to FUCK YOU.

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Fuck years long relationships.. Everytime one ends, i feel like a part of me is amputated and i am left invalid,thrown down the pit ,having to climb back for months/years before i feel normal again and only to get tricked for one more spin on the wheel... Fuck me for feeling so comfortable at my position and that i let everything go down.. My mind tries to see blame in other people,but it is really me that pulls the trigger,makes wrong choices and in the end fucks it up... I should invest more in myself,get my body better,so my mind can follow,but i just had a small knee injury and it is forcing me to rest ,when i want to just empty my energy somewhere, so i can get a sleep.. Also fuck me for being a lazy ass.. Not that i was a ever a true Rambo,especially after my long recovery after a dental bone implant (almost an year) ,but i could do 50 pushups,double that in presses and at least 20 pick ups on a ramp and i fought hard for it, now i can barely make 10 - 20 - 2 series.. my body has gotten so weak,during those comfort times.. Fuck also the fucking Rona for making me even more asocial and unwilling to go out... for seeing danger on everystep,for being afraid to even see my old folks ,so i dont get them killed.
This world is full of shit, i really hope it ends and the new one begins ASAP !
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Fuck the world where our insecurities cause us to fall. Even when a brilliant person realizes that all he can control is himself and accepts responsibility for what he does or does not do, those insecurities cause us to think we are *bad* instead of recognizing we merely stumbled when things don't go as planned.

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Fuck stages of grief... Cant i just get teleported to FUCK YOU! There is my comfort zone ,where i can say fuck to anything,anytime and have no regrets about ! Someone started a thread about MJ being bad for the heart, he should try dealing with my ex... In these times of trouble Mother Mary comes to me ,speaking words of wisdom... Let it be ... ,lol..

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Fuck stages of grief... Cant i just get teleported to FUCK YOU!
Healing is a process and can't be rushed and there are few if any short cuts, you could eat your weight in calcium and still have a broken leg. We're never more vulnerable than when we give ourselves and never more shattered than when someone close to us rejects us. Fuck you to being vulnerable and repeating the cycle, solitude is preferable to trying to be with someone who doesn't get you. Focus on what makes you happy and enjoy, be selfish and revel in your own desires and wants, in doing so you may meet a more like minded person. Fuck you to any sort of pain perceived or tangible. But the best advice I can give is adopt a pet from your local shelter, it's all the love and joy of a child without any of the worries of saving for college lol a pet will love you on your good days and bad days regardless and unconditionally.


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I might catch flak for this, but.... FUCK YOU, THC EDIBLES!

I eat 0.1 worth of AVB. Feel zero effect. Next time I eat 0.15 worth. Still zero effect. Next time I eat 0.2 worth. Still zero effect. Nonexistent effects. Stone cold sober. Next go-around, I eat 0.22 worth of AVB......90 minutes later I'm so fucking stoned that I hate my life and can barely move. It's not fun at all. Pass out, wake up 10 hours later, take a shit that makes the house smell like weed.

This has also happened when experimenting with real edibles... eat 1/3 of a cookie, I feel NOTHING. NOTHING AT ALL. SOBER AS FUCK. Next time, I eat 4/10th's of the same cookie. 90 minutes later I'm off the fucking walls intoxicated, and not in a good way. I'm completely useless and can't function... feels like shit.

Seriously, fuck edibles.
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2021 ain't looking so fucking hot either.
Don’t sell us short yet. We can still at least pretend we have something to look forward to :lol:

While I’m here though, fuck the guy who thought it was ok to sell me his broken Tinymight. Fuck the random I gave money to, so he wouldn’t have to sell his Tera to pay for his dogs medicine (he sold the Tera anyway). And lastly, fuck me for not finding this thread sooner:rofl:
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