FC Meet up?

Outlaw Farmer

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VapeNS- My dream come to life!! Lucky you!


@DHB- Camping? I see the power meter behind you. Roughing it comes in degrees doen't it? I do like the princess pool. Nice touch lol. We should hang out. I backcountry backpack national parks when I can.

@MoG- Everything I say is true. :lmao:

This is the pic of me I use on dating sites.


And FYI, online, I always assume guilty until proven innocent. I don't believe anything on the web without some Fact check. ALOT of bad info out here.


Downward spiral
And here I thought the young kids were the cause of the craziness at Desoto.:lol:

Really like Manatee springs, first place I ever camped when I moved to Florida. Didn't get to do the lazy river-type float thing, but definitely on the to do list.
Keep on keepin on!
Your boyfriend however, not so much.
He really doesnt require a tshirt announcing who he is,
its obvious just from looking at him.:whip:

lol nice try but the shirt says Enjoy Vagina like a Enjoy Coca Cola shirt.
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Outlaw Farmer

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Wisconsin? Where the men are men and the sheep are nervous?
"Rick" who said he owned the Dells Dairy Queen owes me!! He was here years ago "prospecting" I found his lost sieve bowl and didn't call DnR on his happy ass.

If you see him I can probably get you a ice-cream cake.

Outlaw has game.

Did I say you could post the photo of me? Really? :cool:


Outlaw Farmer,
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Sounds like we could have a Tampa Bay Meet up after reading this page. It would be cool just to use a vaporizer I didn't Buy. The only reason anyone I know will vape is because I won't smoke. So when I stop by the Iolite,DV,mflb of lithe I gave 'em in the last few years gets used, as soon as I'm gone the Bowl and flame come back out.
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