FC Meet up?


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Springs > Denver?

We can tour Higher Elevations Masterpiece Productions, the guys that blow molten sand into wonders of art. (Glass Blowers for 7th Floor)

Maybe check out the 7th Floor facility @7thfoorvapes ?

Plenty of Canna-Friendly tours, buses and limos, even as small as SUVs and Vans that takes you to all the dispensaries and clubs.

I can attest, Denver is quite awesome, WAYYY too busy to live in, but awesome to visit.
Literally see persons from every walk of life partaking in the Ganj.


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Holy shit :0 11/21 at US Bank arena!
Yes! What a great show it was. I remember the seats were great, everyone passing around expensive headies full of the nectar of the gods. I don't usually buy shirts at concerts, but this one, oh I had to get a shirt!




Almost there...
Tomorrow it's going down!!
I am heading down to @biohacker with a fully loaded vape case!

This time we will try and take some pictures and videos of epicness!
On the testing table from my side will be:
1- Roor Vapor XL
2- Sublimator
3- DHGate Quartz ENail as well as some killer concentrates!
4- SS GrassHopper to compare
5- Possibly my digital cloud, Milaana, Vapman, Supreme V3 with convection adapter....

LMAO!! Tomorrow is going to be a good day!


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@fluffhead are you making it?? @JCat long drive but you're always welcome bro!! @guyonthecouch where the hoppers at??

Where are all the other southern ontario FC brothas out there? This shit is going down in history!

Herbo, Sub, enail with melting candy! How can it NOT push through my tolerance? hahaha
I wish, that looks like an amazing lineup. There are a few in there I have been wanting to try. Let me know next time and I can add my VC, eraser and shitfucker to the list! Possibly zion too depending on the timing.
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