1. Aimless Ryan

    Dear Ohio Stoners and Users of Cannabis

    Dear Ohio users of cannabis (regardless of whether you consider it medicine), Some of you surely plan to vote against Issue 3 this November; probably because you think the prospective law changes are not enough, or are not perfect. And you're probably right about that. However, saying yes to...
  2. ragnorak71

    Uk meet/community

    Ahoy hoy chaps and chapesses so mrs rag and the raggettes are buggering off for the summer holidays so i am going to have some free time available inspired by some of the threads here and the general tone of this site i wondered if any other of the uk members would be interested in maybe doing...
  3. VapeNStone

    FC Meet up?

    Lately I have been seeing alot of posts here and there about a FC meet up. Would anyone actually be interested in setting one up? Maybe even a skype session??? I would love to meet and actually talk to the people from here. What do you think? I'm think the majority of us are closer to...
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