FC Meet up?

Lately I have been seeing alot of posts here and there about a FC meet up. Would anyone actually be interested in setting one up? Maybe even a skype session??? I would love to meet and actually talk to the people from here. What do you think? I'm think the majority of us are closer to the west coast?(sorry east coasters)


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This community is similar enough to another online community I belong to, who has had IRL meets.

It was a blast!

Wouldn't it be neat if it could be arranged around a Hempfest type gathering, and we could have a designated meeting spot? Like a booth, but with more area for socializing. Even if it ends up just being the regional members, that would be cool, too.

Here is the Olympia WA hempfest schedule

Here's the big one in Seattle

Here's one in Oregon

I've never been to a hempfest yet. Might have to do that this year... :)


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It will give me a chance to wear my custom VapeXhale t-shirt . . . :D (made by the Vapor Goddess herself of course :))




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I'm more east (midwest they say) - flyover state to most of you. But make it out west fairly frequently.
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