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Hey hey, good afternoon, wanted to post up and do some show and tell. I got my last batch of heaters in, trying something different. Wanted to push the limits of the WS even more.


Can you elaborate on that? What limits are being pushed in this picture? I'm just curious and interested and I don't understand what's going on in this picture.

Mr Rooibos

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@Mr Rooibos Wow I appreciate you posting up with your kind words, I just do what I do and let the wood tell the story. Mother Nature does it all I just get lucky. I saw your post the other day and had to call my wood guy to talk about getting an order in next week or so. I priced some Blackwood for a WS and can do it. I gotta be honest I had no idea how much it would cost. I knew it would be high but jeez, ohhh its expensive. One thing is certain, I can get it, I can do my thing and you can be asured it will be one of the most magnificent WS ever done. I have so wanted to do a piece in Blackwood, its by far my most favorite species. A piece that large finished and polished holy moly thatd be like new money bro, you gonna want to slap the first person that disrespects it lol! Thanks again, you wanna do something let me know!
@Ed's TnT
Amazing! If I had any reservations or second thoughts on getting this special piece made by you, they are now long gone. A Blackwood WS is firmly in my crosshairs. I have no doubt that it will be something truly special. The fact that you are so hands-on and humble in your ways is a big reason why I'm so drawn to your work; your superb craftsmanship goes without saying.

I just saw your latest Blackwood block acquisition on Instagram :o Wowsers, is that going to be one serious vaporizer or what. If payday was today, i would have secured that beauty already. Whoever gets that is going to be one lucky individual. What size are the wooden blanks you get from your supplier if you don't mind me asking?

Here are my three daily Blackwood workhorses. The hand chopping cup and bowl were made for me about 10 years ago on the shores of Lake Malawi:



Ed's TnT

Just stopping in quickly to let you all know I have been working my butt off to get ready for the black Friday weekend sale getting units ready and so forth. I am going to be offering a site wide 10% off coupon. This will be good from the 23rd - 25th. you will enter code BF2325 at checkout for the discount to be applied to the total.


I will be back to follow up on everyone's posts and let you all know whats going on round here. Will be adding several new species to my offerings of WoodScents as well. Wishing everyone the best and will be in touch soon!

Ed's TnT

Good morning everyone, wow what a great thanksgiving we had. I am hoping you all had the same. You can say what you want, thanksgiving dinner is great but day after turkey sandwiches are the best! Still have a little turkey left, got an 18lb bird. I am not one to back down from a fight nor not make a statement, I had to go after the biggest baddest one at the market lol. My wifes family came down from Little Rock and we had all the kids together, was a good time.

Has been busy since, started running the black friday sale a day early and its still going strong, I added a few new species to the line up


Goncalo Alves




1600 year old colonial cypress


and Zebrawood


You can grab any of these and others with a sitewide cart discount of 10% use code BF2325.

@lazylathe Omgosh I am so happy for you, I am trying to sell a house and we are trying to find a house, is slow go in that area for us. I appreciate your enthusiasm and kind words. Sometimes its so much going on in a week I forget what all we have done. Bout to get in the woods with my oldest this morning for a quick hunt. I hope you are able to get in on a deal for the holiday with me. Got some great pieces available! Thanks again and take care bro!

@Drexciya I am going shieldless in the pic, am more or less testing my limits I suppose, am using glass beads to shield the lead wires. Is a neat arrangement.

@Mr Rooibos Wow thanks so much for the kind words as well. Omgosh the Blackwood I got is amazing but the two tone Cocobolo I had show up a few days later is outa sight! I cant wait to work them all. I really dig your Blackwood pieces, the cup is awesome, rarely do I ever get any light sapwood to work in a piece, I have been lucky and had one work out in a piece, was a small stem adapter. I hope all is well for you, hit me up any time bro!

@KidFated. Hey hey my man!

@I_like_logs Wow thanks again to you, you know I got you bro!

@Dynalowrider My man is good to hear from you, hoping all is well your way, glad you are still rocking that piece, do what you do!

@Kamikaze Viking Now is a good time bro, if you can I would! Take care and let me know whenever you are ready.

@Square4Life I hope you had the same, wishing you and yours all the best!

Ok gotta split yall, got gear to get on and time to do in the woods, is a great time and place to reflect and collect myself. No nothing but me and me alone, I do so enjoy the quiet peaceful time, hope I get lucky this am, need some fresh sausage!


Does anyone on here use the aromatherapy cup on their Woodscents? If so, how do you use it? How hot? How much oils? What kind of oil? What's your favorite aroma?
All help appreciated. Doc

All the time! I have a vvps from UD that I use and keep it around 4v .. I usually fill the glass dish 3/4 full with purified water and a couple drops of oils. My favorites are frankescence and lavander but I have 30 different kinds so I switch it up every so often smells up the whole room I love it


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All the time! I have a vvps from UD that I use and keep it around 4v .. I usually fill the glass dish 3/4 full with purified water and a couple drops of oils. My favorites are frankescence and lavander but I have 30 different kinds so I switch it up every so often smells up the whole room I love it
I haven't done it although I also heard of using beeswax with some drops of oil. The advantage with using the beeswax is that it will solidify after it cools down and won't spill.


60 going on 20
All the time! I have a vvps from UD that I use and keep it around 4v .. I usually fill the glass dish 3/4 full with purified water and a couple drops of oils. My favorites are frankescence and lavander but I have 30 different kinds so I switch it up every so often smells up the whole room I love it
One of my WoodScents is on my bedstand every night, set at 3.75 volts through my UD VVPS. My aromatherapy bowl gets about a third full with beeswax beads, then I just drop equal amounts of jasmine, lavender, tea tree, lemon and eucalyptus. When it gets full, I dump the load into some tissue that congeals and keeps the garbage fresh for days. Rinse and repeat, better sleep for the work.

Ed's TnT

Good morning everyone, wow its that time of year woot woot! Going to take it easy today, got the boys and we are going to put the Christmas tree up. Told my youngest we cant put anything under it if its not up thats for sure. I love messing with em bout what I may have gotten for them or may not have gotten. My 14 year old has been wanting a Chrome book from his mom for his gift. He told me there is a gift under the tree that looks about the size of it so he tells me last night "Ohhh dad mom told me she couldnt get the chrome book that it was sold out at BF but I know she did, I got on the internet and got the dimensions of it then measured the gift and its just the right size, I know she got it for me dad!" I was like ohh really, is that so thinking that boy is too smart but then I threw a wrench in his great idea telling him that his mom called and said she couldnt get it that it was sold out and that she didnt know what to do asking me if I thought I may be able to grab it somewhere, hahaha I told him you got a sweater in that box hahaha how smart are you now!!!! There is a chrome book in that gift but I am not telling him that lol!

We had another sonogram this week at 12 weeks we could see tiny little arms moving, how awesome! I know I said it before so hoping for a little girl, only a few more weeks and we will know for sure. We both like Lilah Grace. Being our age she will get a sonogram each visit every month making sure all is well throughout the term.

I got that Cocobolo in, wow these blocks are sweet, the outside doesnt do them justice but does give you an idea of the beauty within. I have been turning smalls for a stem order for Amsterdam, they look amazing. These will make some of the most beautiful WoodScents yet.



Had to get small shorts with the two tone, cant have a WS without matching stems and wongs.


Thanks guys for pitching in with advise for @Dynalowrider, I hope you have you it smelling nice and fragrant round there.

Lol @mucsusn I love it bro, I dont think there is another guy out there with as many WS as you have, very cool!

Got 2 boys awake, got a wife and one more still sleeping, gotta get them moving soon, we got a tree to put up and ornaments to hang. Will wrap the gifts this week when the boys are gone so when they come back next weekend they will trip out wondering what all that is under it, I love this time of year! Wishing you all the best out there!
Hello all -
Proud new owner of the goncalo alves WS pictured above. Been enjoying the glass stem - using the highest heat. Lighter loads give me better results. Haven't delved too deep into the titanium tips yet. Love the size of the device and that it looks decorative.

I haven't done it although I also heard of using beeswax with some drops of oil. The advantage with using the beeswax is that it will solidify after it cools down and won't spill.

Have been using this technique with great success - used DBV as my first desktop vape and loved the scentsy style wax melter that sat on top. Replicating that with the WS, aroma cup, beeswax, and oil drops is a nice bonus. Wife says that the WS is the smelliest of the vapes I have used (VXL, VapCaps, DBV, Crafty, Plenty, Grasshopper, etc...) so I like to make sure to balance the scent out a little. Ambiance and stuff.


Almost there...
Cannot wait to join in the fun and experimentation!!!!
I went with the Flame Box Elder Burl WS!!

All ordered and paid for but shipping will only happen next year in January.
All the post offices are slammed both in Canada and the US and i do not want this bad boy being lost in transit!!!

Expect pictures and videos!!!

@Ed's TnT
Thanks for helping me out with the WS!!
What an absolute pleasure to work with!

Ed's TnT

Good afternoon, had snow here last week, how crazy this early in the year and just to see it sure enough. Friday I would say we got 3", was gone in no time but shut the schools down and most else. The boys loved that and had alot of fun in it. We are still house hunting, with no luck really. Am hoping and praying we find something soon.

I just replaced this skew on the right with the new one on the left. Its the same skew in fact made by the same guy at the same length always. Only took me 3 years to work off 5". I had no idea it was as short as it is lol


I like the squared sides and yeah I have seen the carbide tipped chisels now but am a guy that doesnt take well to change nor try something different when what I got is working fine. I only use 3 chisels for all my work, thats it and works well for me.

Have been working on a stem order to Amsterdam, going to get back to WS ASAP! Wanna work in the Blackwood and Cocobolo I have shown back. Those are sure to be stunners.

@duff Great video my man, always good to see others enjoy the WS and the one you got is a nice one off piece. Thanks for posting up.

@CarouselOnFire The piece you got is nice, I like those distinct lines. I feel the liter loads work best for me to, straight rips are what I am after. It works great for aromatherapy, big plus for us!

@ChocolateMonk Wow, thanks much, I appreciate it.

@Vitolo Thats what I wanna hear.

@lazylathe Bro, you know I got you, cant wait to get this piece out to you. Just hit me today how close next year is, hard to realize 2017 has come and all but gone, jeez. Cant wait to hear how you like your WS, its a rare piece as I dont see any more of these anytime soon.

Wishing you all the best!

Ed's TnT

Good morning everyone, wow yall ready for Christmas or what? Guess you either are or you aint but Christmas is here and am so excited to see my family and do the time with them all. Even going to take a few days out end of next week for a trip up and over to Oklahoma to see my wifes mom and try to grab some more wood from the worlds highest hill to make live edge WS. All has been good down this way, it gets cold a couple days and warm for a couple after that, was in the low 70's yesterday. Took my 14 year old duck hunting to a new spot we had never been too, got skunked but hey thats ok. We got a weekend ahead at 2 awesome spots right next to the mighty mississippi river, so hoping we nail em, ohhh its been a while since we had fresh duck breast bites rrrrrr I cant freaking wait!

Been turning a bit, worked up a large order and got it out to Amsterdam, got a not so large but nice'en working to set up for France so in between have turned a few new WS. Omgosh that Cocobolo is sweet, the vibrant multi color tones are mesmerizing


I have turned a few more in this species and have several more to. I so enjoy working these large pieces like this in WS size. There is so much more meat on the bone giving me more to look at when turning. Its so fun to when I have turned it a bit and then stop it to measure it and see a little more of what itll look like when its done. Each time even more beauty is revealed.


I think I showed you all the Blackwood I had gotten in, not sure. If you all dont follow me on IG you should, posting up great shots daily there.

Woot woot at @Mr Rooibos bro I so got your #


These pieces are freaking out of sight stunning, omgosh just the feel and density of em is WOWZERS! These are almost solid black but do have some grain lines and character but is hard to see in a pic. They finished so stinking clean and sleek, I am really really happy with them and gotta say that if you and your homies all had different WS and all sat down at the table I feel these would be the Ace of Spades trumping all others and envied by all! Wow I love Blackwood and Cocobolo, these are by far some of the finest WoodScents offered, just these species are of the highest quality and most superior. They arent yet listed, I have several more to turn. I know I have a guy that gets first pic of the cocobolo and figure my man above is going to be first to be all over the blackwood. If anyone wants to get in on em before they go live do let me know.

@IAmKrazy2 How you been? You have had your piece for a while now, hope its treating you really well! I am not certain the species you purchased. Being shorter you could twist a paper towel and dip it in high proof alcohol then twist it through the wong. Let it dry and this should do it for you. Sure would like to hear more about how your unit is performing and how you have been enjoying it. Wish you well bro and all the best!

Alright you all, am so wishing everyone the best for Christmas and hope its a happy, safe and great time for you all!


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@Ed's TnT . Thanks for the reply and info. I have some moonshine around 140 proof, some 114 proof Old Grand Dad and a few other options so great advice.

Do really like the device. Not something i use every day, but consistent, fun, and a great vape to pack small bowls for friends where everyone can rip a few stems. I am a flavor snob, and the glass stems do provide great flavor and are insane easy to clean. Thanks for everything!
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