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What type of wood is that? Burl?

So sexy. I bet it looks even better assembled and powered on.


Almost there...
After spending the week testing out and figuring out my Inhalater i decided to go back to my old faithful last night, The E-Nano.

WOW!!! How i have missed you E-Nano!!!
Massive clouds for the whole bowl, stir and continue!
Such ease of use!
And then there is the medicated part... Knocked my socks off again!

I guess it helps that i placed a small ball of wax in the middle.
You can watch it bubble as you draw and then hold tight!

Ed's TnT

I wish I could be there with ya bro, I wish you all the best and hope it goes well!
Ed's TnT,


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Love the burl and the inside light is just too f'n cool!!! Have a great weekend at the CC to you and all you other lucky dogs who get to go! So jealous.


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The light looks great! I'd like to see two symmetrical lights, one on each side. OCD tendencies... Do the lights illuminate the glass the nano is paired with?

I just don't know how I feel about the light being in the airpath.


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with proof of concept interior light.

That looks really nice!

I have been on fence about getting a nano for some time now and I am now 90% sure this will be my next vape purchase.

When will the interior light model become available?


Darn. I just realized it doesn't come with the all glass stem. I think I had just read several post where people were using a screen with the all glass and thought Andy was including the "extra" screens for that purpose.
Oh well, something to look forward to.

I did order the all glass GonG adapter though. I will be using this with water but I'm surprised more people don't just use the stem. Seems more convenient.
It will be the first thing I use, but before the end of that day I'll know the difference :whoa:

I'll know soon, but not soon enough :\ ... the waiting.
Funny how you come back and read this thread when you're waiting. I had skipped some post in the middle and I'm catching up as well as finding myself re-reading some.

I'm not sure if this eases the wait or intensifies it but I can't stop myself.

Almost forgot; Is the all glass stem longer?


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No. The all glass (glass-screened) stem is the same size as the regular one.

Each one is a bit unique... I have two glass-screened stems, a regular stem, and a glass GonG... all ordered from EpicVape, and the screens fit (or don't) differently in each one. I use a screen for the stems, even the glass-screened ones, as it keeps the finer stuff at bay, and my hubby hates the bits of greenery. I cannot get a screen to work with the Gong, so I get lots of bits in my water.

I haven't bothered since the first day using the regular stem.


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I was just looking at 3/8" SS pipe screens on eBay and noticed some glass as well as ceramic screens. The glass varied from 7mm to 9mm so I'm not sure they would be practical. unless you got lucky. Don't know if there is a variance with the ceramic. Anyone ever used either of these?

Can we get a link?

I've looked into glass screens but I don't know how effective they'd be. I'd like to see the ceramic. I'll buy them both just to try.
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