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  1. RedEyeFlightControl

    The HighLighter (Glass-Core Open-Source Halogen Log) Kit Hosted by REFC Labs

    Hi all, RedEyeFlightControl here, to introduce the next vaporizer release from REFC-Labs.com and friends! The HighLighTED - The HighLighter Thermal Extraction Device This project took about 6 months and was recently completed by the Scientifically Higher Design Collective (also including...
  2. blokenoname

    'The Misty Log' - DIY wooden Log Vaporizer

    When I realized, that there were no Log Vaporizers from the US available in the European shops (due to missing EU CE certification and the connected costs, I guess), and also not willing to take the risk of playing Russian roulette with customs, which might or might not confiscate an imported $...
  3. stonedbob

    30 days of full usage tracking

    further to what has been written in this post, I decided to experiment :sherlock:, i will log and monitor every usage with my vaporizers, in order to understand how much i put everytime i fill the chamber, how much money i spend in month on this herb, how do i feel with the amounts and alot of...
  4. mrbonsai420

    Omnicharge Portable Powerbank

    Ok, this might not look like much to you. Just another batter pack on a crowd funded site. Well that may be true but this one could be a game changer for some of you vape and enail enthusiasts!! I already have the last crowd-funded powerbank with an AC adapter, the Chargetech 27,000mah. And it...
  5. phattpiggie

    Phattpiggies Wood Shed

    Some of you may or may not have seen that I have a thing for odd ideas and most of them revolve around vaporizers and wood. How can you not love wood. Even the humble shipping pallet has a place in my heart. It has to as my shed was built with them. I've been mentioning that at some point I will...
  6. RastaVapa

    Discontinued HomeGrownLogs

    Hi all thought it was about time we had a log vape in the UK as atm there are none in uk or europe and i think this needs to change a bit. I am an Ex electronic engineer with a bit of mech engineering at times but due to bad health i have had to stop, and getting bored at home have decided to...
  7. lazylathe

    Log vape resistors - My DIY Log Vape

    While i am waiting for my electrical supplies to arrive i have been keeping busy researching heating elements for log vapes. So far there are: Ceramic heating elements Ceramic wirewound resistors Does everyone use these ohmite 25j20re resistors? And is there just one in the vape or numerous...

    E-Nano from Epickai

    Introducing the E-Nano from Epicvape. My goal in designing the E-Nano was to blend the efficiency, beauty and ease of use of a log style vape with the power and benefits of 120v ac. Here are some of the key features and benefits that have been achieved with this hybrid. Fast 2 minute heat...
  9. J.R.R.Tokin'

    Discontinued Wychwood Vaporizers UK Log Vape

    Hello all and welcome to the Wychwood Vaporizers thread on FC. Wychwood Vaporizers are the first Log Vaporizers, or Log Vapes, to be produced in the UK. INTRODUCTION About a year ago I stumbled upon this great forum Fuckcombustion.com while looking for alternatives to smoking. I was...
  10. hazy

    Discontinued A Hot Pod

    Here's the first fully-functional prototype of a new kind of log vape, which I've named the "Hot Pod". Instead of wood, it is made from the empty seed pod of the Banksia tree. This is a fully sustainable resource gathered from forests in Western Australia. I have tried to make the design as...
  11. Alan

    The HI

    Introducing the Heat Island (HI) vaporizer. A new approach to direct draw convective vaporizers. The heart of the HI is a ceramic heating element that is identical to the one in the Toasty Top and several other direct draw convective vaporizers. It operates from a 12 volt power supply and...
  12. underdog

    Underdog Log Vapes

    Greetings everyone, I'd like to introduce you all to Underdog Aromatherapy and our associated products, specifically our vaporizers. We have been making vaporizers since late 2009 / early 2010 but haven't had a web presence until this week so please bear with us as we iron out any wrinkles. >>...
  13. Alan

    The Toasty Top

    The Toasty Top This is the launch of the Toasty Top. It's a new spin on a 3 decades old convection style herbal vaporizer (log vape) design. Many thanks to those who have previously advanced the design and inspired me to create the Toasty Top. I am a terminally unemployed mechanical engineer...

    Discontinued Epicvape EV-1/EV-2

    After years of research and development, we are pleased to announce that the Epicvape EV-1 vaporizer/diffuser is ready for beta testing. Here are some of the highlights and benefits of this revolutionary new device. - From a cold start to pure vapor in less than 5 minutes. - Can be left on...
  15. Old City Diffusers

    Discontinued Old City Diffusers

    Hello All, I am the owner of Old City Diffusers, LLC and I thought this would be a great place to unveil the OCD Vaporizer & Diffuser. Please check out pages 17 & up for the newest information on OCD!
  16. P

    Discontinued Pandora Kit from Purple-Days

    Hi, this is Tom. Sometimes known as Purple-Days. The Pandora Kit: An American Cherry body turned, bored and lasered here in Port Orford. 100% RoHS compliant parts from USA suppliers. Plus other stuff you need. A data DVD with printable instructions, lots of captioned pictures and video...
  17. highendvapes

    Discontinued The Woodeez Vaporizer/Diffuser

    Hi All, Introducing the Woodeez SS Aromatherapy Diffuser.... An ultra efficient convection style, direct draw diffusser/ vapoorizer, designed to be ready anytime you are. -Hardwood body available in several different wood types to compliment any dcor. -Efficient design allows vaporization...
  18. Rick


    We first found this site in February 09 through a google search on Myrtlezap. Our product was mentioned on the Purple Days page by Tom, the inventor of PD. We had never heard of the PD but we did have an online experience with Tom that lasted several months. We decided to stay out of this forum...
  19. Hennessy1414

    Discontinued Eterra

    http://www.lightwell.net/ :o http://www.lightwell.net/moxie/ <----- theres the portable PD(WITH a boatload of differences mind you!) :peace:
  20. P

    Discontinued Purple-Days Vaporizer

    Hi everyone, In another thread VTAC wrote, "This is sounding like the perfect car vape. More info/photos/videos please!" And here is our story: We started using vapor in 2003. We have both been habitual, heavy users since the early '70s. I keep a pack of white 'Zags in the house but can't...
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