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  1. Rab

    Wychwood questions

    I was cleaning out an old drawer and found my beautiful wychwood from probably almost a decade ago They are discontinued i believe and I have no idea if it still works but I'd love to try get it fired up again and add it to my rotation. Can anyone here tell me what power chord it will need and...
  2. S

    Doodscents vs Stickybox Hydro Maxx

    I am torn between the woodscents and the sticky box hydro max. both look like they'd fit needs. I have a couple portables (FF2, Pax2, but hardly use pax2) and am looking for something to use with water for bigger rips at home with water filtration. Like the idea of no power needed for SB but...
  3. ApplePipes

    What is the undisputed champ of the log vapes: Enano or Underdog? Help me decide!

    So I'm currently at a crossroads between an Underdog and an Enano, a predicament that no doubt many log vape users before me have found themselves struggling with. I have spent hours reading through FC and Reddit forums on both products, but I am still not entirely sold on either. If you have...
  4. amexudo

    Hose / Whip bubbler MFLB Orbiter style

    Hi folks, I'd like to know if the Orbiter is suitable for a log vape instead of the MFLB. Anyone used? I saw videos with pax and other vapes.. And also what kind of alternative would do the same job, maybe something from dhgate less expensive than the Orbiter? Thanks in advance
  5. blokenoname

    'The Misty Log' - DIY wooden Log Vaporizer

    When I realized, that there were no Log Vaporizers from the US available in the European shops (due to missing EU CE certification and the connected costs, I guess), and also not willing to take the risk of playing Russian roulette with customs, which might or might not confiscate an imported $...

    E-Nano from Epickai

    Introducing the E-Nano from Epicvape. My goal in designing the E-Nano was to blend the efficiency, beauty and ease of use of a log style vape with the power and benefits of 120v ac. Here are some of the key features and benefits that have been achieved with this hybrid. Fast 2 minute heat...
  7. Kamikaze Viking

    Room for another Log Vape Maker (in Aus)?

    Hi, Been lurking for a while and doing a lot of reading around here. I'm an IT guy who's just sick of it, and trying to get something going on the side. Living in Australia and all the recent announcements of things slowly becoming legal soon I'm curious if there is room in the Australian...
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