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Have to say, I'm finding the Hula V2 with 19M tip more 'effective' than any of my other stems, incl shellshock and assassin.
No it is not crazy Thursday I pick a random dynavap to hit and post it on insta. This week was my v2 Hula stem I used a titanium tip but it cooled it almost as cool as my vortex. I was pleasantly surprised, put a fat mouthpiece on it and hit thru water even better.


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I ordered the mega package (M21, Vong21, omni21) from vapeurshop.com and also made contact regarding this. He thinks it's all right, which I can not imagine.
Best I contact dynavap times itself and see what they answer me.
Yeah, it's probably because the seller sold M2020 tips separately and got left with M2020's caps?! I dunno.... wow weird one. and he replaced your M2021 with M2020 just because it's the same?
weird one for sure
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@ataxian oye, viejo?!
this ones for you:cheers:
sharing this pale blue fucking dot with those who actually Give AF.. At an 8 right now!
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PARTY like it’s 1999?
1970 = reef era!
2012 = late 2 vaporizing seed free CANNABIS however PAPER JOINTS 2 draw’s & hide the unsmoked section in da sand on da shoreline B-4 dipping in da water so blue?(1977 when H20 guided surfing in da ocean of da pacific around da globe in a far corner of our known universe)
Soul color’s on tie died wall while Mushroom’s changed one’s perception.
DYNACAP is a CIVILIZED endeavor 4 bi-pedal human’s!
Just saying?
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unbearably light in the being....
Just missed the 4/20 cutoff date: The V2 Orions are in!

The last hurrah (before *disarming*)💥 my loving IED lol
My tricky vision has renamed this the Onion…it’s stuck now, there’s no going back
I received my omni21 yesterday, is it normal that it comes with a 2020 captive cap?
Mine did…it said in the description that it would include the captive cap

UPDATE…there’s a date on the back of the cap tongue, says 2021, so my mistake: ‘not a ‘20 captive cap’.

There is another number as well, not a date AFAICT, could indicate the production run. Production runs should be identical in terms of methods and materials - is there some reason you expect the ‘20 cap to be functionally different than the ‘21 cap?
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I received my omni21 yesterday, is it normal that it comes with a 2020 captive cap?
I don't think it's necessarily abnormal. I bought both a 2019 rosium tip+cap and a titanium rosium tip+cap from Dynavap directly during their 4/20 sale. The rosium OG cap that came with the 2019 tip had a 2021 stamp on it, and the rosium captive cap that came with the titanium one had a 2020 stamp. I think they sort their caps by type (captive, not captive, low temp, any of the above + color) for assembly, so it wouldn't surprise me if some of the 2021 models were assembled with caps from 2020 if they still had some around.


Rampart, please repeat. did not copy.

You should be getting your RMA replacement of a V2, not necessary to
Buy another.

Abysmal Vapor

Saturnine in my mind
As in evangelized? A Eureka! Moment?

Then you may need a wholly revamped Orion V2 chalice.

Happy Greek Orthodox Easter, BTW.

Add an SDS Ti stem, to boot.
:))Not religious but i appreciate the time off work ! Happy Easter to you too neighbor !
The new Orion doesnt look worse :lol:than the old one,hopefully it is not really an Onion.


Looks can be deceiving, V2 looks (almost) identical, with USB C port; internally, BMS tweaked,
Coil less agressive, 3-sec calibration time. Safety comcerns addressed.

Must be a giant financial setback, but Dyna-Tec/DV has our back. Or face. :spliff::spliff:

O n/r ion, up! :cheers:

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Just missed the 4/20 cutoff date: The V2 Orions are in!

The last hurrah (before *disarming*)💥 my loving IED lol

Back in November I would have been thrilled. I just missed out on the first round. Now I'm really glad I was off the back. I ended up getting a Fluxer Flite, and I like it so much I got a Flix for home use.

As much as I hope this works out for DV--and everyone who drops two bills--I am skeptical. I can overlook the plastic body; some modern composite materials are remarkably strong. Hopefully they chose well. I also wish they made the batteries replaceable.

But I wonder most about performance. They claim a four- to six-second heat-up. That still sounds way too aggressive. My Fluxers take over fifteen seconds from cold, and just over ten warm. The Orion cuts out at ten. That's like the difference between a quad torch and a single flame. I'd expect some dark-around-the-edges results.

The Fluxers have got me excited about IHs, and I'll probably pick up a Sense when they're released, but the Orion no longer triggers my VAS.
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