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I broke my HaIo so I just ordered a SiC Nimbus through the DNail site (I don't do insta), shipped the next day so the site works fine.
I ordered a channel lug as I have the stepped version and was wondering what sized channel cap would work best...I am thinking 40mm?


I did not think channel caps were sized, thought they were all kinda oversized and just fit on top.

Excited to follow your journey and hear your findings... I've had my eye on that setup for sometime.
Dnail SiC is tough to beat, but I admit I never use my dnail enail anymore, MaxVapor has totally replaced it.
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I did not think channel caps were sized
The ones I am looking at are, the DNail variant I wanted (clear)was not in stock and was $104!
What I found in 30 or 40mm,
I am thinking the 40mm will be spot on, the second 40mm version in the options list is the better performing pattern by my research and I may ask for that and a random job for the second unit as you have to buy 2.
I could get the set of 5 from DHGate for $30:hmm:
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