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Hey! I would like to show you my first dugout /mini stand...


13cm x 4.5 x 2.5
Made of old oak, with dyed ash side parts and boxwood and turquoise inlays



There's a small magnet on each side to assure a good close. The stem hole is made for a M-type vapcap.
You will find a curly boxwood and malachite stem with this dugout.


The stash hole in the other side is 3cm depth by a diameter of 1.8 cm


and always a strong magnet to hold your stem :)

Do you like this kind of accessory?


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Aezhenn I really adore the Tubo stem, but wish there would be an edition that supports 19mm basket screens. If you make one of these, ill get it ;)
all glass pathway is second to none!


I just LOVE my burl P80 stem, and need to order another.

Could you please repost some pictures of your lotus works? I cant believe I have not seen those before... I have a very special Lotus.


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I posted some pics long time ago and made a few lotus pipe who used the wpa lotus tool. But they got lost on fc. I will look for pics and will post them very soon @FlyingLow


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This one is the first Lotus pipe I made... (successfuly :lol:)
All in cocobolo, but not glass lined, in 3 parts.


I made a more simple model, with two parts, the same as the vapcap pipe I do. Here in walnut.


It can be glass lined, but if you want to remove the glass for cleaning, the stem will be shorter than the one you can see here. A too long glass tube can be hard to remove without breaking it . But we can imagine a glass tube who doesnt move too. (just with another way of cleaning than soaking directly in iso)



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you wouldn't happen to make these for Lamart, do you? I'd love another but with a custom color instead.
I used to do some long wood stems for Lamart, but in a capsule mode style.
You want me to do a kind of wood sleeve for those all glass stems?


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I used to do some long wood stems for Lamart, but in a capsule mode style.
You want me to do a kind of wood sleeve for those all glass stems?

Yeah I wasn't sure just how much you did for Lamart. I don't know where I got it in my head that you also did glass work. Thanks though, maybe I'll reach out to Lamart and see if he'll say who makes them.
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@TeaCup No, I am sorry but I dont do glass work... All my glass tubes come from Glass Charlie, who is doing a great work .
Best thing to do is to send a message to Lamart to know more about these glass stems :)


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Hello good people!
I made some new stems for one of my favorite vape of my rotation, the fury Edge from Healthyrips.
I like to use the glass stem but it's always better with a bit of wood, isnt it? :D
I asked to Glass Charlie for longer tubes than the original one and let me show you the new pieces, hot from the shop...
(Compatible with the Rogue too)


Hondurian rosewood burl


Curly ash


Red amboyna burl


Curly maple

And a family pic of all the stems in stock ;)



I wish you all a great day!


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Hello good people!

I have the pleasure to collaborate with Glass Charlie (aka @davesmith ) for all my glass tubes. Here's a shorty vap cap stem with a spiked glass tube of his own, round edges for the lips, and direct tip fit... I like it a lot and would like to know your opinion about it...

I made for it a thuya burl sleeve, handcarved with a knife for the spiral patterns, and then I did a bronze inlay with some mother of the pearl touch...



Spiked tube for better cooling...


The vc tip fits directly in for a 100% glass airpath.


I hope you will like it, just tell me your thoughts!

I wish you all a great day!



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Hello good people!

I hope you are all fine!
I have some new pieces to show you today! It was a long time I didnt made a stand with resin inclusion... So it was a real pleasure to find the way back for a couple of cuties... :brow:




This first one was a custom order, in red amboyna burl, with two abv bowl in msasa. I like how the resin and pigments pop on the wood!


The second one is made from a madre cacao piece, with spalted beech, resin, gold leaves and mother of the pearl inlays...
The huge abv bowl (diameter 9cm) is turned in red narra roots , with a lovely grain, and spalted beech.




It reminds me a painter's palette...

8 vapcap holes and a strong magnet, enough place to install a nice collection...
This stand is looking for a new home ;)

And I will finish this post with a nice spring stem...

Ash, mouthpiece in bloodwood satine, inlays in red narra and turquoise...

I wish you a great sunny day!


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Hello good people!

A new stand has landed!
When I look at it, each side is a travel ... I easily imagine landscapes, planetes from outer space, or colorful fairies... Well , maybe I am going too far but let's have a look at it anyway :lol::cool:


A madre cacao stand, with colorful resin inlays...


Removable abv bowl in olivewood , the flying saucer!




5 vapcaps holes and a strong magnet

During all April, there will be 15% off on this stand and the big one seen in the last post.

15% off on those stems too! :tup:


Just dm if you are interested ;)

I wish you all a great day! :peace:


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Hello good people,

just a few days before the end of April and the end of the Spring sales...
As there's still two stands and two stems in stock, I would like to add a special discount ... :brow:

If you buy a stand (with 15% off) you will have 50% off on a stem! :party::party::party:

Here's the pieces available:


Don't hesitate to ask for more pics if interested ...

All the best!

:) :peace:


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Hey hey good people!
everyone is fine in the house?

Here's some a batch of vapcap stems, hot from the shop!
I hope you will like them ;)


From left to right, let me introduce you:

- curly maple/padouk with his bronze inlays and blackwood mouthpiece

- blackwood and dyed poplar burl

-curly maple/ dyed poplar burl and a padouk mouth piece

-walnut and orange acrylic (with some grey wood parts ) and bronze inlays

All of them with their 8mm od glass tube for a better flavor;)

Some more shots for the eyes' pleasure...




All of them are looking for a new home... ;)

I wish you all a great day!
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