1. 3illmesmart


    https://www.vdab.life/product/VDAB_200/17 Anyone have this? I just ordered some, sounds like some of the first shipped to Canada. Looks to be a useful addition to the line up.
  2. Thick Vape

    Exseed Dabcool W2 mini e-rig

    http://www.exseedvapes.com/plus/view.php?aid=28 Another mini-peak. I saw this for 60$ or so. Is it around for a while already? Does it work? Anyone have some experience with it? Is the bowl compatible with a puffco peak, or smaller?
  3. Angus!

    What is wax?

    I used to smoke weed and hash in the 60's and 70's so all these terms are new to me. I'm just looking for a vaporizer with which I can vape hash chunks and I was told that the Source Orb 4 was perfect for wax, whatever that is. Or do I have to go back to sticking it on the end of a pin. Any...
  4. Jojo_Vivant

    ViVANT DAbOX Pro

    Advanced Wax Vaporizer The DabOX Pro is a temperature controlled portable wax vaporizer. It is the Pro version of our original DabOX. It comes with the trademark DabOX flip door. It now has a color screen to control the device. It comes standard with an embedded water filter. And last but not...
  5. idkalaska

    Portable Vape for Concentrates

    Hey All! I have been enjoying my Haze Square Pro, a recommendation from my last thread here. So here’s my newest desire: a portable vape specifically for oil and wax. I know the Haze does this, but it’s messy and I think it wastes wax. My Criteria: Portable and discreet for on the go/public...
  6. S

    Using E-liquid for wax vaporazer? Or wax with flavours?

    Hello guys! I am totally new to vaping. Yesterday I bought Vicod 5G (2nd Gen), mainly for dry herbs and I was surprised how convenient and effective vaping is. Nevertheless, I am here with a particular question. I loved trying vapes with e-liquids with different flavors before, I have even...
  7. VapingDitto

    Cannabis Concentrate Reviews

    Greetings, I wanted a place where users can share their cannabis concentrate knowledge.:myday: I also wanted a place where people can practice reviewing cannabis concentrates :nope: I hope that more people contribute and make this an awesome thread. :brow: Here is my first strain review...
  8. Vivant

    Newest addition to Vivant Product Line-up - Vivant Incendio

    Hello FC Family, We are very excited to announce the latest addition to our Vivant product line up called the Incendio Kit/Tank. THE FIRST AND ONLY QUARTZ HEATING ELEMENT E-NAIL Incendio is an e-Nail Kit that contains the only tank where the heating element and the outside chamber is made of...
  9. Aovape

    Aovape Canva - Best Wax Pen

    Hi Everyone, Aovape technology here with an exciting new wax pen we’d like to introduce. Canva uses a modernly designed magnetic connection between the atomizer cover and the base. This design allows you to pull out the atomizer cover and add your wax very easily. Inside the top of the...
  10. Sara

    Tek latest concentrates extraction method?

    I always use butane for extracting concentrates, but recently I heard about a lot of different techniques. So what are the latest techs? and what is the best one that can be done at home?
  11. Y

    Making shatter manageable

    Particularly reclaim, and not burnt shit but stuff that has leaked into a filthy rig. It's contents were drained into a large vitamin bottle and now i'm left with a pretty decent yield and I'm not sure how to collect it. Put it mouth down onto a plate and slowly microwave it? (4-5 secs at a...
  12. J

    How Long Do Concentrates Stay Potent?

    So I'm curious if anyone has any experience with the length of time concentrates will stay good for? I know personally I've kept concentrates in sealed containers in dark dry places for say 3-4 months with no noticeable drop in quality, but that's as long as I've ever had them last before they...
  13. F

    A little help picking out a box mod? Ceramic Kiln 2.5?

    I have a few mechanical mods and a few different pen style batteries. The problem is they do not have the voltage or heat I need as I use them for extracts and not so much for tobacco, so I decided it was better to invest into a box mod. I was looking at the Sigelei 150w TC, when I saw some...
  14. E. A. Ridgill

    The LINX HYPNOS Wax Vaporizer

    Hello FC forum members, My name is Eddie Ridgill, I represent Linx Vapor, a growing vaporizer company with a primary focus on concentrate vaporizers. Our leading vaporizer is the Hypnos. This wax vaporizer is compact (14 mm diameter x 100 mm length) in size, and is constructed from fully...
  15. P

    Ejmix and Wax. Best tank setup?

    Hello! I've gained quite a bit of knowledge from this site and have gotten as far as making the perfect EJmix/Wax blend. I'm very happy with this method of smoking as it is very discreet and convenient. I have one Kangertech tank for nicotine e-juice and another (Kangertech sub tank mini) for...
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