1. D

    Amsterdam next month;first time as vaper - Where to go?

    Hi all, Really glad I found this forum. I've smoked for a good 7/8+ years for the first 5 years ish this was the usual spliffs, the last 18 months was pure joints thinking this would help my lung health but if anything it got worse and around a month ago started just vaping. I only have a Pax...
  2. T

    Volcan hybrid issue

    Hello guys this is Jorge nice to meet you all I'm new to the forum, but I've been following in the sides for a while, I would like to know if anyone has had any problems with your volcano hybrid air assist or fan? I got mine 2 weeks ago worked like a charm about 3 days ago I noticed the...
  3. FloridaMJ420

    Bag Vape Mod v1.0 for Boundless TERA dry herb vape

    Hello! Recently I converted my Boundless TERA to a bag vape and I haven't looked back since! It is super easy to mod your Boundless TERA to a bag vape, you can do it for around $50 or less, and it only takes a few minutes! It turns out that the Boundless is an awesome bag vape and its...
  4. Volcano South


    I bought mine a few months ago after an extensive usage session at a VW festival. For the record I've got the latest "revision" Volcano (classic) with the Lazy Valve (easy valve). I notice a lot of people complain about it's price, but I know people who smoke as much as the cost of the Volcano...
  5. Magma_Industries

    Magma and Obsidian Volcano Bubblers

    Hey FC, I saw some interest in Magma and Obsidian pop up in the Volcano thread, so I figured I’d stop by to introduce myself and answer any questions you guys may have! The mods also suggested I start I thread here so that I can compile all your questions as a sort of encyclopedia of usage and...
  6. arthritisbites

    Long handled volcano/mighty brush?

    Does anyone know where to find a long handled version of the brush that comes with the volcano or the mighty? I’ve tried searching on the Internet but the search terms are too nonspecific and don’t pull up what I’m trying to find. I don’t need that exact brush, just the same kind of idea. I’ve...
  7. S

    Volcano Classic temperature regulation problems

    Hello! Any DIYer's out there with electronics experience? A while back my volcano seemed to not heat up to the proper temp. I realized this was probably because I dropped it right on the knob. I opened it up and noticed the knob apparatus, which holds the temperature regulator had bent down...
  8. IceMann997

    Hair Dryer smell from Volcano?

    Hello everyone, I was given a volcano from my brother two months ago, and noticed a certain smell. When the device is heated up and ready to go, I sometimes turn the air on without the herb chamber on it. When so, the air coming out of the device smells like a hair dryer and I'm not sure if this...
  9. Vitolo


    What are the odds? I logged in to look at my unread threads. The most recent posts all coincided with my life today. I woke up and determined today to be Chem Dawg day. I started out with my Solo By afternoon I was using the Volcano Early evening I moved onto the MiniVap, and By night I was...
  10. akwardsauce

    CHEAP arizer air/solo gong parts now available on ebay

    got this for $9...im sure this is just the beginning of super customized pieces so hopefully wont have to rely on the expensive PVHES ones anymore... sorry i coupled it in with some cheap volcano easy valve stuff...but there is a quick peek at the glass stem in there...1st impressions is that...
  11. F

    Hash memories (was Best desktop vaporizer for hash)

    Hey there I have been reading all about vaporizers and i am confused. I have only afghan type hash available in pakistan and i want a desktop vaporizer for my self. If its volcano please tell what is the best way to use hash with it. Functional Junkie
  12. S

    Uprgrade from Iolite /worth waiting for Firefly2 EU?

    Hi everyone, I have the original Iolite vaporizer for nearly 3 years. I kinda like it, but there's a few things I dislike. I like: Portability. Performance, strong vapor. It gets me baked AF every time. I don't like: The vapor is harsh and too hot sometimes. Fixed temp, but the pre-set one...
  13. ethiastery

    Hard Hitters

    Hi FCers, Personal account of a heavy user here... I like to get high af all day everyday as it helps immensely with my autoimmune disease. I am also a recovering alcoholic (fifth of bourbon a day for 7 years), so I like to feel my drugs. Haven't had a drink in 3 years to date, mainly because...
  14. TokesandJokes

    Vapexhale Cloud Evo vs Volcano

    I have the opportunity to address my VATS, but I needed your advice Cloud Evo- $405 (Brand New Valentines Day Sale) with Hydrotube, baskets, and some other extras Volcano with valve included- $320 (classic) $350 (Digit) (Brand New: Store Clearance) I really want the Volcano, but I'm...
  15. Chezgreendream

    Anybody ever had any issues with Massdrop

    First, I would like to apologize if I posted this thread in the wrong part of the forum. I didnt know where I can post this, Mods feel free to move it to its appropriate section. Ok, so I ordered and am waiting for a Volcano classic from massdrop because the price was unbeatable. Its $100...
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