Uprgrade from Iolite /worth waiting for Firefly2 EU?

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Hi everyone,

I have the original Iolite vaporizer for nearly 3 years. I kinda like it, but there's a few things I dislike.

I like:
Performance, strong vapor.
It gets me baked AF every time.

I don't like:
The vapor is harsh and too hot sometimes.
Fixed temp, but the pre-set one works good.

I hate:
...the hissing, man. It's really annoying, the session isn't as discreet as I wish it would be. And it gets me paranoid when vaping alone and/or in public.

I was thinking about an upgrade. So what I want...

I vape dried herbs. I don't care about concentrates (don't know where to get them and too complicated to make them myself).

I what some top tier stuff so price is not much concern, but I won't buy overpriced thing.

I use it myself (used to a lot before) and now more with a small group of friends (2-4 people). Mainly at home, on hikes and sometimes when I'm out in a pub.

I want some nice smooth and cool vapor.

I like to vape discreetly. So absolutely NO noise and possibly low smell.

I don't mind some learning curve. But when I'm showing the vape to a friend I want it to be intuitive (for the Iolite I just say - take a long draw).

First I got my eyes on Pax2, it looks sexy. But the smelly part is a no for me.

I guess the Crafty is simillar (but way better) experince as the Iolite. I'm not happy about the defect rate, but I live next to Germany so the shipping wouldn't take so long when getting repaired. I've read that it was improved somehow. I don't mind session vape as long as it's not hissing.

After a while I was kinda decided for Firefly 2. I used to be more inclined to bowls than j's (a j is often too much for me). So the thing that I can take a few draws and then leave it for a while when I'm good is appealing to me. I like discreetness, so short sessions and lack of smell is a big plus.
But man, it isn't available in Europe. Yet. And it will be probably more expensive than in US. Also I heard that the group use isn't so good and requires multiple bowls.

Should I wait or get a Crafty? Or something else?

Or I just can keep the Iolite for portable use and get a Volcano :D (I will probablly get it next year anyway). So maybe I should get a good portable vape that's good with combination with Volcano later?


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I'm no expert, and haven't tried every vape but I have a Mighty.
I went for the Mighty for vapor quality with reliability on the move. Really wanted a Crafty too but was also afraid of it's reputed fragility.
This company seem to me to work things out with the end goal of possibly fault free units, or minimal faults. As there are improvements on my Mighty over the first ones.

Sometimes I'm a little sorry that I didn't get the Crafty, because if it has the vapor quality of this Mighty and is much smaller, I would hardly be able to stop laughing in amazement and enjoyment!
But maybe I'm taking for granted how reliable the Mighty has been to me, and the fact I don't have to be stuck in a (my glitchy) phone to experiment with temps.
The Mighty was once thought to be more able to perform in a small crowd being passed around where the Crafty could be overwhelmed/overheated? But the Crafty may have changed/improved in this respect since that opinion was formed?

With the advent of the FF2 and GH I was extremely excited and prepared to save the money for one of them right after just buying a Mighty (and Volcano before that!), but I am no longer under pressure to own either of those two right away. Although I would be leaning towards the GH until at least FF establish/lower the prices in Europe? (and I'd have to research a complaint i saw somewhere about the FF2)

If I think of anything else that suits I'll post again, I'm a little hazy at the moment!
I'm still impressed with and love my Solo, maybe an Air could serve you well too for good price. But there's stiff competition now, and a trend towards simpler units with less pieces


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Iolite tastes terrible. I still go for reliability and taste so i would recommend the Solo or Air but then that's me. Aint nothing wrong with the firefly except the learning curve if you want to share.


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Iolite tastes terrible.
It does when the herb gets spent, but it's not alone in that respect. A fresh load does not taste bad.

Also I heard that the group use isn't so good and requires multiple bowls.
If you're going to consider "group use" in your portable criteria, it's really going to shorten your list. It's like looking for a sports car that can carry 6 people.

Or I just can keep the Iolite for portable use and get a Volcano
Personally, I would upgrade the iolite and also get a good plug in unit, and neither would be a high priced S&B product. The Volcano is a one trick pony that's still living on a 15 year old reputation, and there are other good (and better priced) options for portables other than the expensive S&B portables.


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I did not like the iolite, taste was not good compared to my Solo.
I am all about the flavor and am one fussy mofo.


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Thanks for the responses.

If I had money I would buy both FF2 and Mighty :D But I have to decide which would be better in my "collection". Initially I thought about selling the Iolite but if I get FF2 I can keep it for group use. I will probably use it most myself or share with 1 person mostly.

Now I can preorder the FF2 but it costs around 440 USD here (or like 400 with the 10%sale)... is the extra 100 bucks worth it?

(While Mighty 400 and Crafty 340)

One friend of mine had a Solo, I tried it twice, but I don't remember how good it was.
I looked at both Solo and Air but idk if this is what I want.

How's the coolness of the vapor between the FF2/ Mighty/ Air?


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The Mighty will push more vapor and get you more aggressively stoned quicker than the Solo/Air would and i never used the FF2.

the reason i eventually got rid of my mighty is because i got sick of the plastic vapor path and ended up selling it and going back to a solo which i had "upgraded" from.

Yes the mighty hits harder and has great vapor quality but you cant beat that pure glass on glass flavor. It will beat passing thru plastic any day.

iolite was my first vape and i still have one...
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