Volcano Classic temperature regulation problems

Any DIYer's out there with electronics experience? A while back my volcano seemed to not heat up to the proper temp. I realized this was probably because I dropped it right on the knob. I opened it up and noticed the knob apparatus, which holds the temperature regulator had bent down slightly below level. I raised it gently back up. After that it heated up much better than after the drop. However I must've not adjusted it enough as it would only heat up to just below the perfect vape temperature. I took it apart again tonight and adjusted it using the logic I used before. Well now it produces thick white smoke which is not the best. So I can probably spend some time just monkeying with it but I'd rather get advice from someone who knows about electronics. I'm also concerned about fatiguing the metal and breaking it. I've had this particular Volcano since 2005. The interior still looks fine although the outside looks a bit like a tank hit by enemy fire. Anyhoo... I'm looking forward to your responses.

Thanks again!


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AFAIK, the Volcano classic uses a bimetalic senzor, which should work exactly as you described. Its bending by heat and translates that into temperature, if it is bent physically, it would be off. I guess it must be very sensitive, so you would have to try readjusting it again and again until its perfect or good enough or it breaks...
Thanks Seek! I found some good information about bimetallic strips last night and despite being cool (or hot? heh heh) technology they are quite sensitive to location. A change of about .5mm seemed to throw off the temperature by about 50%. Also I found the US patent for the Volcano last night and apparently the Volcano can actually put out 300C it's just regulated so that when working properly it doesn't. I seemed to find how to get to the upper range of that with my crappy repairs. If anyone here knows how to calibrate a bimetallic switch I'd love more in-depth insights. Thanks Seek.

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If you could take a few pictures of this, I would love to see them (so I don't have to open up my Volcano to learn about its innards, which I'm not going to do).
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