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Gary Shandling died at 66 today. They didn't disclose what it was, just a medical emergency at home. I liked the Larry Sanders Show with Jeffrey Tamborn and Rip Torn. It was a parody of a late night talk show. Last year I saw him on Bill Maher. He had a dry sense of humor. Really the other characters is what made his show good. I read where he started out being a writer on Sanford and Sons.
66 is really young to die. Live each day like it's your last.

The news said he died of a heart attack. He will be missed.
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We lost a great one today. Merle Haggard passed this morning on his 79th birthday from double pneumonia. I don't have many idols, but he was sure one of them.

Happy Birthday, Merle. You will be dearly missed.



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Howard Marks
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Rest In Peace, Howard.



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I just got off work and saw this. Some sad news. He gave a start to a lot of young musicians. An awesome guitar player.

I found this on CNN - I had forgotten about this, leave it to the Christians. A little bit of Prince trivia below.

Controversy followed the singer and that, in part, made his fans adore him more.
"Darling Nikki," a song that details a one-night stand, prompted the formation of the Parents Music Resource Center. Led by Tipper Gore, the group encouraged record companies to place advisory labels on albums with explicit lyrics.

The legendary performer, with a string of classic records to his name, has died aged 57. Here are images from the extraordinary life of the Minneapolis maestro

  • A rare shot of Prince as a 17-year-old in his home town Minneapolis
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Damn. I really "grew" up with prince's music. And movie. I'll never forget those memory's. Purple Rain.
And Prince was the reason I fell in love with Morris Day and The Time. That's just some good ol fashion pimptastic music man.
The year of 2016 is taking some of our biggest stars. Unreal the sheer volume of deaths this year.
R.I.P. Prince.


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Just found this thread. I knew about prince, loved the movie purple rain back when I was a teen.
But I didn't know about keith emerson. He's the best keyboardist I've ever seen :tup:

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@BD9 Thank you for posting the above video. I had come across that some years back while I was surfing online one day. It just blew me away. Isn't he wonderful! I have a hard time posting videos with my computer. I had just been thinking about asking someone to post that exact video. :love:


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That guitar solo is classic. Not many people know what a great guitarist he was. One of the best......

In an interview with Eric Clapton, the interviewer asked Clapton, "What does it feel like to be the worlds greatest guitar player?" to which he responded, "I don't know. You'd have to ask Prince." Now THAT is some high praise right there.

Edit: Thanks for posting that BD. I was just gonna post it up but ya beat me to it. A magical performance to say the least. Loved the "guitar drop" at the end. It was like............DONE !!!!
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