1. Roger D

    Crafty/Crafty+ by Storz & Bickel

    mod note: This thread was originally about both the Crafty and the Mighty. In order to create separate threads, some posts have been copied and others have been moved to The Mighty by Storz & Bickel. Please report posts that are now out of place. If you disagree with this split, do not post...
  2. JCat

    Custom Crafty Battery Packs for Easy Replacement

    I have custom Crafty Battery Packs available for easy replacement of your battery pack. I started this project as I felt there should be an easy replacement available, that didn't require shipping your vaporizer back, especially for those of us with a vaporizer out of warranty. These battery...
  3. nenmayk

    2qan stand for the mighty

    hello beautiful people was posting on the mighty forum,was told to show my warez in this new thread i am an artist known as nenmayk,my real name is worse.would like to present to you a portable stand designed and created by me and my kuzyn stash for the is made of aircraft grade...
  4. S

    Another Comparison/recommendation thread FF2 VS AirVape XS VS Summit

    Hi FC. What would you all say are the vapes I should be looking at if I want something that's able to extract from my flowers consistently, evenly and won't leave them half-cooked, has at least decent battery life, is pocketable and discrete, and won't break the bank? I have a Crafty, but we all...
  5. S

    Uprgrade from Iolite /worth waiting for Firefly2 EU?

    Hi everyone, I have the original Iolite vaporizer for nearly 3 years. I kinda like it, but there's a few things I dislike. I like: Portability. Performance, strong vapor. It gets me baked AF every time. I don't like: The vapor is harsh and too hot sometimes. Fixed temp, but the pre-set one...
  6. N

    Need Help Deciding Between 3 Portables

    Hey Everyone, I'm new to vaping dry herbs (and forums:)), as I am trying not to combust anymore. I like to take a couple of shorter draws (vs long 10+ seconds) on a vape and hope to still be able to get a good cloud. I am a no to the Pax. I like the idea of the Alfa as it is nice and sleek...
  7. H

    First time making bho

    Normally make bubble hash/kief with what we have left but decided to make myself a little bho and out of the 2 different types one is more clear and very sticky other is light almost buttery type might have something to do with temps and time left to evaporate if anyone can enlighten me as to...
  8. F

    Have (old) SSV and PAX1, thinking about Super SSV, Mighty/Crafty, other portables

    Hey all you guys and gals at FC, you were extremely helpful in my selection of my first vape ever, the SSV, and what better advice could I have asked for? (About 5 years ago i got my SSV). Its definitely still working perfectly, although missing the arty knob (not that it matters since...
  9. S

    Upgrading from the MFLB..Crafty?

    Hey FC community New to the forums..spoke to some helpful people last night on the FC chat. Basically ive been a joint/bong smoker for a few years now. I bought the MFLB 2 years back and i got over it a few months in, the continuos change of batteries and vaping techniques etc.. just became a...
  10. J

    Taking vapes into nightclubs

    Has anyone on this forum taken a crafty vaporiser into a nightclub? Or any vaporiser for that matter. How did it go? I'm specifically interested in London, UK but any info would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. Timstar93

    Vegetable Glycerin in my vaporiser

    Putting vg IN MY CRAFTY vape to increase thickness and visibility of vape. is this legit or a dumb idea?
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