1. liamdhs

    Micron screen sizes with hash

    I'm curious if anyone has any information to add (personal experience or not) to this chart here regarding micron sizes with bubble bags. I recently decided to go with cold water extraction as opposed to dry sifting methods because I was told sift is typically darker and more finicky - so I...
  2. Thick Vape

    Terpometer Seems to be a useful and handy accessory when using a torch or such. At least for beginners, I imagine. I touched one and it was heavier than I expected. I expected something very light. While I am sure it is very handy and probably worth the price, I still...
  3. Thick Vape

    Exseed Dabcool W2 mini e-rig Another mini-peak. I saw this for 60$ or so. Is it around for a while already? Does it work? Anyone have some experience with it? Is the bowl compatible with a puffco peak, or smaller?
  4. O

    Buying my first e-nail or something similar- want to do it right the first time

    I've been wanting an e-nail for a while, and I am just about set on a high five LCD model with a quartz banger. Tired of dealing with a torch and sometimes getting hot dabs and sometimes getting too cold and wasting oil. I have already did a little research and read somewhere that it was a good...
  5. topshelfmids

    Best rosin press for beginners?

    I've heard a lot of good things about this forum on reddit, this is literally my first time on this site so excuse the poor format. I'm getting more interested in solvent less methods and rosin especially, what's the best press for beginners? I'm leaning towards the DabPress 6 Ton, seems like...
  6. S


    Does anyone have any experience with this item?
  7. E. A. Ridgill

    The Linx Blaze brings Microdosing to extract vaporizers

    Hi FC Forum Members, It’s no secret that we here at Linx Vapor like to design and innovate. We continually develop new and exciting accessories for our products with the intent of enhancing your vaporizing experience. With this in mind, it’s my pleasure to introduce to you the Linx Blaze Onyx...
  8. E. A. Ridgill

    Linx Hermes 3 Oil Vaporizer

    Hi FC Forum Members, We have some great news; we have just launched our newest oil vaporizer, the Linx Hermes 3! As Always, we will be offering 10% off on the Linx Hermes 3 to all FC Forum members, simply use the coupon code: LINXFC10. Coupon expires 10/3/19. Introducing the Linx Hermes 3...
  9. Monsoon

    Gear The Source by Extract Craft - a closed loop system for alcohol extractions I've had my eye on this since it was announced last year and am about to place my order for one. The Source is a sealed countertop unit that uses a built in vacuum pump and heater to evaporate the ethanol from your quick wash...
  10. Kanna_Kult

    Enail upgrade suggestions

    What's the best controller out there right now? Ive had my Auber RDK-300 for a few years now and I'd like to get something really top of the line, the hex nail looked really promising but from what I can tell that's kinda dead in the water. I want something that has the universal 5-pin XLR...
  11. funkyjunky


    STRAW features: full melt concentrate 510 threaded attachment on demand, instant heat-up time temperature controlled coil based and rebuildable different shapes and sizes of coils possible (default: tri-fused clapton) TUBO firmware supported (cruise control, self cleaning mode) simple...
  12. C

    Pax 3 Concentrates & Attachment help.... Wax/Shatter newbie

    I have always been all about the flavor when it comes to vaping and was so close to getting the argo over the Pax3 for that reason but ended up going with the pax because i wanted to vape some concentrates. Anyway, Managed to get my hands on some which is a mission in the UK and I have no idea...
  13. theduckopera

    Gear Concentrate vape for bedbound medical user?

    Hey everyone, I have a thread going in Ask FC, but since I'm after a concentrate vape specifically I thought I'd try my luck here as well. I'm a heavy concentrate user but I currently use my Arizer Solo which I kind of jerry-rigged when I had to go from flowers to concentrate. Now it's time to...
  14. KeroZen

    VapeDynamics CeraWax 510 attachment for concentrates

    KZ's long overdue CeraWax mini-review A while ago I was contacted by VapeDynamics to review their "Duo" vaporizer. That product was very disappointing and likely a market failure, I think it's been discontinued since. But alongside the vape I received that CeraWax 510 atty. I didn't use...
  15. Simple10

    Portable enail for your rig?

    My Yocan Torch has bit the dust so I'm looking to replace it with another portable enail that can be used with your own stand-alone glass right out the box. After some research the only thing I found that can do this is the Xvape Vista. I tried using the Source 4 vape mod atomizer with the...
  16. 710Coils

    710 coils

    I got sick of the high prices for coils and decided to start selling them. Everything on the site comes in three colors and in a US or European version. I am also offering free domestic shipping and very reasonable international shipping. I have plans to carry the Axial coils and even quartz...
  17. twigs

    So many options in legal state

    I’ve noticed an explosion of concentrate and edible options in WA state. Would this be because there is more profit or maybe less regulation in these products? Other ideas???
  18. sevenhundredten

    Sharing Tech. 440°-545° dabs with quartz inserts

    Hello all! Long time reader of FC, returning after some time away from the forum. I've been combustion free since 9/13/12. Reporting from Denver, CO. I am hear to tell you my life has changed in a great way over the last few months with some new tech. You may already know this tech, but I am...
  19. A

    Battery for enail

    Hi folks, I get a china enail, and wants to buy a battery for use the enail outside home. (i dont have more money to do my self a better enail or buy a better one ) I get this...
  20. Other Side


    Ryan has been at it again. Waiting on parts for Splinter and he just couldn't help himself from designing. This is his first entry for a vape dedicated to concentrate. This is VERY early and needs work so I am getting this thread going more to generate discussion on what this could be...
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