1. Boundless Vape Technology

    Pen Terp Pen XL - Boundless Technology

    Hi All, First and foremost, thank you for the continued support throughout the years! We hope everyone is well and looking forward to new vaporizers. The FC community has always been an integral step to the release of our units and today, we would like to formally introduce the Terp Pen XL. The...
  2. LesPlenty

    AIRISTECH airis Headbanger Wax Vaporizer Dip&Dab 2in1 Vape Pen Kit

    I have had my Headbanger for about a month and am finding it quite flavorful. I purchase a kit (Bundle5) plus an extra 6 x dip coils from Alibaba, I do not use water in the mini bubbler as I...
  3. S

    Alcohol recovery / reclamation still 220Volts

    Can anyone here recommend a 220V still for alcohol reduction and reclamation? I am not looking to make moonshine so an "air still" would be easier for me than a two or three pot system. I looked on Amazon and Aliexpress, but nothing jumped out at me. I need it to ship to Israel. Thanks for...
  4. S

    Dab sizes: BB, rice grain, etc. how big are they?

    Hello fellow dabbers, I often read suggestions for dab sizes for different dab apparatuses, like rice grain or "BB" sized. While I get about how big a rice grain (uncle ben's, sticky rice, risotto rice, etc.) is, I somehow never got what "BB sized" is. I googled BB sized and found explanations...
  5. Monk Debate

    Best concentrate travel container?

    With the cart scare going on, I decided to play it safe and switch to a terp pen for my out of the house use. However, I don’t want to carry multiple containers of different concentrates with me. I was going to buy a Puffco Prism and be done with it, but they’re sold out at PIU and Puffco, and...
  6. V_for_Vaping

    Linx Eden

    Just saw a news release about this new convection flower/concentrate pen from Linx. Linx Eden I love Linx products and hope this turns out to be as good as the Hypnos but for flower. I never liked the form factor of the Gaia. Anyone planning on trying this out?
  7. Jojo_Vivant

    ViVANT DAbOX Pro

    Advanced Wax Vaporizer The DabOX Pro is a temperature controlled portable wax vaporizer. It is the Pro version of our original DabOX. It comes with the trademark DabOX flip door. It now has a color screen to control the device. It comes standard with an embedded water filter. And last but not...
  8. S

    Gear Dab Tools, Dabbers, Glass, Titanium, Quartz, various shapes ?

    Hello dabbers I just am discovering dabbing slowly. Compared to most I am a micro-dabber, I guess. As I do not have dabbable material often, I prefer being economical, if possible. I already found out that I do not specially like the taste when I dab off Ti surfaces. Now I am reading...
  9. idkalaska

    Portable Vape for Concentrates

    Hey All! I have been enjoying my Haze Square Pro, a recommendation from my last thread here. So here’s my newest desire: a portable vape specifically for oil and wax. I know the Haze does this, but it’s messy and I think it wastes wax. My Criteria: Portable and discreet for on the go/public...
  10. Jojo_Vivant

    Vivant Vault

    Vault The ultra-portable vaporizer battery designed for 2 types of atomizers. 1 For Wax Diameter: 14mm Heating Coil: Dual Quartz Coil 1 For Oil Diameter: 14mm Oil Capacity: 0.5 ml / 1 ml Vault Battery Specifications Size:20mm*40mm*63mm Diameter:14mm Power Range:5W~15W Battery...
  11. arthritisbites

    Molecule vs Sai TAF

    Anyone want to weigh in? Any thoughts are appreciated, I do not have personal experience with either, but both seem to have a lot of happy owners. As this will be my first experience in this realm, ease-of-use and reliability are my two biggest concerns. This will be used heavily at home, maybe...
  12. theduckopera

    Is the Prism+ right for me?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a new wax/concentrate vape, but my needs are pretty specific. --I'm bedbound so it has to be light, portable and easy to use rather than a big rig, like I think an e-nail is out. I've been using an Arizer Solo since 2014 and I love it but it's time for a dedicated...
  13. arthritisbites

    Which portable concentrate pen is the best?

    Hi everyone, I am a medical patient and am interested in using concentrates while out of my house. So it needs to be as discreet as possible. However, functionality (and health, of course) is what is most important to me. I want this to be as fast a process as possible. I just placed an order...
  14. Kanna_Kult

    Best tiny mod

    So I have an evic (it's 75w, juice box sized, can't remember the exact model, about a year or two old) but I've been looking for the smallest possible mod to run the new XL trinity tank. I see they have an ego type battery for it in the kit but I like the extra options mods give. Just looking...
  15. supershredderdan

    Divine Castle Oil Cartridge- High Capacity Wax Tank & Herb Vaporizer Atty for Box Mods

    Hey everyone, over the last week or so a few redditors and I conducted a bunch of experiments with mesh concentrate pads (mostly S&B crafty pads) in ceramic donut concentrate atomizers for loading a larger amount and getting multiple hits between reloads. After many tests I found that the best...
  16. papertripping

    Versatile, Portable and Discreet- the 'Uzi' By Papertripping

    Hey everybody! I've been a lurker here on the FC forums ever since I came across the concept of vaporizing a year ago. For what it's worth- I've learnt a lot from these forums (and reddit too). Thank you so much!! Where I live Vaporizing is an unknown concept- and so no one uses vaporizer...
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