1. Shadooz

    Abv extraction

    I wanted to know how everyone deals with abv oil. I read too many different timing from everyone, everywhere. I'm talking about abv, no decarb flower. I was eating my abv raw, but i collect enough, and get free low grad cbd flower, to make my own sativex©®™ First time i water cured abv, but...
  2. txe19

    To make cream with avb with coconut oil?

    I have about 40g of avb that I wanted to make in oil, but since I bought it and didn't grow it, I can't know how it was grown, I think I'm going to make a cream for my mother's osteoarthritis and my grandmother's pain. I have two doubts: It shouldn't interact with another cream drug, right? I...
  3. P

    1oz Abv (heavily Vaped)

    Running herbalaire h3 .2-.4 in crucible bag @ 375 (twice) then 400(convection) Once I get enough of that abv to fill the entire unit without the crucible (Expresso mode) I fill 1 nasty Smoky bag (conduction) THEN DUMP INTO A JAR. I've tried recipes before but they just make my farts and poop...
  4. S

    Thoughts on Smoking ABV Bud When Dankrupt

    I hate eating my abv bud and so I end up storing it forever and throwing it out, or smoking it when I'm really desperate. It doesn't taste as good as even fresh weed being smoked (which tastes bad because smoke) and it smells a little funny too but it does get me quite high if I have a whole...
  5. EART

    AVB recipe?

    Hi guys, recently learnt about AVB. So basically its the Already VAped Bud. And looking to see what do you know about it and if you have any recipe for cooking with it. So after you vape your herb, you can still use it. This is a huge advantage for vaping vs smoking I think.
  6. cosimo

    How much AVB... and other Q's?

    Hi! I've been storing my AVB from the Arizer V-Tower vape, which i never set above 200C (without the ddave mod), to make some butter. Have some questions: 1. should i do any decarbing? My avb consistis of weed ive first vaped at 185C, then revaped at 200C max) 2. Is 1 oz of this AVB per 1 pound...
  7. Megaton

    Tincture: dry avb after water cure?

    Hi all! Wondering if it is necessary to oven dry my avb after water curing pre- alcohol tincure? Or can i just squeeze as much water out as possible and then let the rest evaporate off while i am reducing the tincture down at the end?
  8. UnevenPizza

    Quick Chocolate Bites and AVB Caps

    Hey FC, I'm experimenting with AVB at the moment, and thought I'd post some of my thoughts in the hope it may help inspire or help others. I don't (yet) have a slow cooker and couldn't be arsed to find a mason jar and tend to it for several hours, so I just let the AVB simmer in some Coconut...
  9. S

    Suggestions for a liter container of AVB, please

    Before someone suggests a Tincture, I still have almost 4 ounces of concentrated AVB Coconut oil tincture. I only use the AVB tincture before bed. I also have over a years (17 months) worth of leftovers from tincture making that will become pain cream. My Avb is reasonably used no charcoal no...
  10. dapperdopamine

    Bhang and Bhang with AVB

    I recently stumbled upon bhang (ghee mixed with finely ground cannabis and indian spices, atleast thats what wikipedia says) Has anyone made bhang and used a traditional recipe, wikipedia could certainly be wrong about the use of ghee but since indian cooking uses lots of ghee I would doubt...
  11. insideoutman

    AVB Healthy Heaven Combos: Ayurvedic Cooking with Bud

    I'd like to share some dishes I have recently whipped up. This is quite an achievement in terms of overall skills; six months ago I would not have thought I'd be creating such kitchen mayhem! The oven and maybe an egg or 1 or 2 step recipes is all I could manage at the time. Then I learned how...
  12. B

    Tek Newb here, Have a lot of AVB and a lot of questions and photos. (i hate edibles/drinkables)

    So basically the moral of this thread is that i have a little of everything sitting around: AVB, AVB QWISO extract, AVB sifted, & AVK (Already Vaped Kief) {not sifted avb} I've done the QWISO method, but i don't know if i let it evaporate enough to get all the alcohol out. I froze that batch...
  13. Bladesman

    Avb oil and avb brownies together. Oops

    i made some coconut oil from avb, used it to make brownies. They were ok, not great. But the next time i used the coconut avb oil AND then i baked 2.6 oz of finely ground avb into 2 batchs of Chocolate fudge brownies. They dont taste great but I ate 1. That was it, 2 hours later oh my god, it...
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