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Abv extraction

What is Your ABV extraction timing ?

  • Raw ABV

  • No water cure

  • Short water cure (2 flush max, 1 day max)

  • Long water cure (days)

  • Short oil maceration (few hours)

  • Long oil maceration (days)

  • Tincture

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I wanted to know how everyone deals with abv oil.

I read too many different timing from everyone, everywhere.
I'm talking about abv, no decarb flower.

I was eating my abv raw, but i collect enough, and get free low grad cbd flower, to make my own sativex©®™

First time i water cured abv, but only did one flush of only 2 hours.
Then 1 day of maceration with warm olive oil.

So i'm curious why and who need 1 week of water cure ?
But let macerate in oil only few minutes...

My oil is "golden", not black, maybe just because i'm not using black charcoal abv ?
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