1. Piecho

    I have idea of using stock Arizer glass for Dynavap, anybody has both?

    Hey, I am using my dynavap with the water filter. Been thinking how to improve the steam and the chamber. 1) I have the idea of using Arizer glass as the chamber and steam. Not sure tho, if the Dynavap cap will fit on the top, or the radius would be too small to fit...
  2. D

    Weird, burnt-popcorn taste from bud?

    I've been fiddling with the temp setting on my XQ2 and at 350° it tastes burnt popcorn-esque. I'm now running it at 375° and the taste is gone. What would be causing this? Do I need to change my bowl?
  3. S

    DynaVap M worse than Session Vaporizers?

    To preface, I think (thought?) I am a light-moderate user since I've predominantly only used session vaporizers and found the half-bowl on the DynaVap to be woefully inadequate. Yes, I know better butane vaporizers exists. After years of seeing countless stories of "DynaVap destroys my Mighty"...
  4. M

    Arizer Argo in 2023?

    I'm about to get my first vaporizer and I need some help. I'm not a big smoker... I can go through 7g in 1-2 weeks and then take a break for a few weeks or even months I have $175 budget and I am looking for vape which: - must be a portable vaporizer - must be discreet, as small as possible -...
  5. average_joe

    UPS Scam and Arizer looking the other way

    Not sure if I am posting this in the right place, sorry if I am not, I am very stressed right now. I bought from many interntaional sellers this 420 and UPS and Arizer are making it a pain. I was a huge Arizer fan I am still a fan of the V Tower (one of the best budget desktop vapes imo), used...
  6. BuzzDanklin

    Arizer XQ2

    Looks like we got a new version of the Extreme-Q. Everything looks pretty similar except they added a cap to the bag to seal in vapor. I imagine heat up times will be much faster and will see about the fill times/fan speeds. We’ve done the work so you don’t have to...
  7. bluenavey00

    Arizer Solo II

    Has anyone seen this? Looks like it could be the successor to the Air.
  8. cheeseholidays

    Arizer ArGo

    I saw this get posted on Reddit. I’m definitely intrigued.
  9. T

    Arizer or ????

    Hi guys, there has certainly been something similar but here it goes. So i am heavy duty weed smoker, i smoke about 6 -10 times a day and only joints, so i wanna transition to vape mostly to make it healthier. Now from all vapes, i liked either Arizer solo or air, simply because of price...
  10. 2

    Arizer Air 2 vs Vapir Mini Oxygen w/ battery pack

    Which is better? Pros and cons? Would love to hear from someone who has both!!
  11. cosimo

    Clean ceramic heating element

    Good evening. Hope some one can help, please! I already conacter the manufacturer but wanted to see any other suggestions since my unit is out of warranty. How can i clean/remove this please? I tried using my finger nails to scrape it off, but it doesn't, not even a bit. Not sure what it is...
  12. B

    First time vape arizer solo 2 awfull taste like whuut

    HI , First of all im French so sorry for the "bad english" In a Quest of healthier , and more flavoured practice i bought a Arizer solo 2 which got very good review on many videos and webstite . I received it and tried it , i did the 2 burn off sessions , grind my herb and tried it ......OMFG...
  13. Vapetologist

    Arizer XYZ?

    No name, no release date. Just a tease on instagram. Not even sure if this a desktop? Seems silly to come out with another portable seeing how the Air II was recently released.
  14. X

    Arizer Stem In NYC

    Hi all, Anthony here from New York. Does anyone know of a walk-in shop in New York City where I can buy a new stem for my Arizer Air? Not only did I break the two it came with, I managed to convert the "potpourri stem" into a mouthpiece as well (with a drill) and broke that too! I can easily...
  15. O

    Newbie vaper - Arizer Air / DLX / DLX+ or suggestions?

    Hi all new boy here. Recently quit smoking cigs so need to remove tobacco from my toke life. As a result I'm getting a decent vaporiser. Got £150 ideally but £200 max to spend. Need to be portable as will be using mainly in my man shed or at my mates. I was going to find one with a bong...
  16. chrisasmith75

    Arizer Solo or Arizer Air for vapor quality, build quality, and reliability.

    I had a An Arizer Air a few months ago which i unfortunately had to sell for money. I absolutely loved the quality and and vapor i got from it. I am in the market for a new vape and I am wondering if i should get the air again or if i would get better quality vapor from the solo. The air is...
  17. Shrinks

    Arizer Air or MFLB?

    I'm a university student who is now looking for a portable vape that I could take around campus/out for hikes and vape with friends. I own a desktop vape but for paranoid and discreetness reasons I left it at my parent's for my brother and father to use. I'm not looking for a desktop-replacement...
  18. J

    Vaporizer (V tower) upgrade

    Hi, Two-three years ago, I decided to quit (all) smoking and invest in a vaporizer. Having never previously used one, I wanted to start off with a unit that wouldn't break the bank, yet came highly recommended and with a good warranty. After much research, I settled on the Arizer V-tower, which...
  19. Dank Sinatra

    New Air WPA or Lotus?

    Okay so I just broke my Air Stem, and while perusing the interwebs for an Air Water pipe adapter, I decided I kind of want the Lotus (primarily for water). Now im completely satisfied with my Air, but the price for two WPA stems would be almost half as much as the Lotus + WPA. I dont want to...
  20. pakalolo

    The Arizer Air

    Guess what popped up on my radar today: The Arizer Air - Portable Diffuser $259 $199 Limited time special Features: Ceramic heating element Glass aroma tube Replaceable Li-ion battery (exclusive 18650 battery) Use while charging 1-2 minute warmup 10 minute automatic shutoff 122 mm (4.8...
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