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  1. Shadooz

    Abv extraction

    I wanted to know how everyone deals with abv oil. I read too many different timing from everyone, everywhere. I'm talking about abv, no decarb flower. I was eating my abv raw, but i collect enough, and get free low grad cbd flower, to make my own sativex©®™ First time i water cured abv, but...
  2. SupremelySatisfied

    Trichome Anatomy: What Part Do We Vaporize?

    I was watching a Troy and Jerry Think Dank stream where they were discussing looking at ABV with a USB microscope and it reminded me of my own experiences comparing fresh nug and ABV through a pocket microscope. Troy said the vaped material had been stripped of trichome heads but he felt there...
  3. Tony Timeless

    ABV & decarb question

    Hello! I have a question: Is my ABV activated and ready to ingest even when the time the flower was cooking was very short? What I mean: I typically load a small amount of flower in my vape (EVO) and vape this in 1 long hit. After that i empty the bowl and dump the ABV (which is quite brown...
  4. P

    1oz Abv (heavily Vaped)

    Running herbalaire h3 .2-.4 in crucible bag @ 375 (twice) then 400(convection) Once I get enough of that abv to fill the entire unit without the crucible (Expresso mode) I fill 1 nasty Smoky bag (conduction) THEN DUMP INTO A JAR. I've tried recipes before but they just make my farts and poop...
  5. M

    Recipes for abv coconut oil

    Hi guys, i just made the first time abv coconut oil but i dont really have any idea how i should cook with it and what to make. Anyone of you have some recipes which include coconut oil? :)
  6. S

    Thoughts on Smoking ABV Bud When Dankrupt

    I hate eating my abv bud and so I end up storing it forever and throwing it out, or smoking it when I'm really desperate. It doesn't taste as good as even fresh weed being smoked (which tastes bad because smoke) and it smells a little funny too but it does get me quite high if I have a whole...
  7. Litg3

    First time eating abv, Is this enough?

    Just ate it like 2 mins ago don't really know what to expect, i have some fresh herb so if i don't feel anything in an hour should i just vape that? or should i just wait longer. Did i fuck up the images or can you see them https://imgur.com/a/DWFTRiM https://imgur.com/a/NhtmOFy Here they...
  8. Bad Ocelot


    Ingredients: 227g Butter (2 sticks) 231g Heavy Cream (1 pint) 227g Evaporated Milk (1 cup) 336g Honey OR 328g Corn Syrup* (1 cup) 1 tablespoon vanilla extract OR the innards of 1-2 vanilla beans 240g Dark Brown Sugar (1 cup) 400g White Sugar (2 cups) Equipment: Sauce pan or pot (at least 4qt...
  9. Skunkport

    ABV used as woodstain

    I've no idea how this works or even if it does but someone just posted it on reddit and I thought someone might fancy trying it. It does sound cool to have a wooden vape that's treated with vaped weed in an inception kinda way.
  10. B

    Tek Newb here, Have a lot of AVB and a lot of questions and photos. (i hate edibles/drinkables)

    So basically the moral of this thread is that i have a little of everything sitting around: AVB, AVB QWISO extract, AVB sifted, & AVK (Already Vaped Kief) {not sifted avb} I've done the QWISO method, but i don't know if i let it evaporate enough to get all the alcohol out. I froze that batch...
  11. in8won

    My First Tincture

    I made my first tincture last night using a video I found on youtube by RuffHouse Studios ( I have no affiliation). I liked this method because it was detailed in time and temperature and amount of product. I varied it by using 10 grams of abv. I would like to say that it takes two hours of...
  12. muunch

    What do you do with your ABV when out of the house?

    For instance, in the car (please let's not discuss the morality of this in this thread) or on a walk in urban/residential areas. I've been debating whether it's even worth it to bring a poker and abv container while out now, since I'm so used to blowing my ABV out of the stems. It's a pain in...
  13. Beezleb

    Swamp Water / Golden Dragon a use for your abv/avb

    I take no credit as all I did was was follow this simple recipe from here. Edited in "Youtube says the video was removed by the user" We have named this swamp water due its appearance when poured. It is traditionally referred to as golden dragon (I know some refer to that with tincture with...
  14. Bad Ocelot

    ABV Heath Bar Cookies

    Had great results with this recipe, both flavor and effect wise. ABV butter: 1.5 sticks butter 1/4 cup coconut oil 15g ABV, stems, rosin chips 2oz EtOH If the ABV & whatever else you've got in there isn't finely ground, run it through a coffee grinder or somesuch. Preheat a nonstick skillet on...
  15. Treeburner

    Bud vs. ABV Edibles Dosage

    I've been cooking all of my bud lately, and have settled around 0.75g/day of hq bud divided into three doses in oatmeal cookies. However, I've never used ABV for cooking before, but I've got almost 70 grams saved up. When I cook with it, what would be a good estimated dosage considering my...
  16. pseudox

    ABV to Concentrate to THC e-liquid

    I adapted my Tincture recipe to make e-cig juice from ABV I save up over time. This is a 3 part process. Any input or questions are welcome. Part 1: ABV Alcohol Tincture **Note:This uses Everclear 190 and heat, so it is very flammable. Please use caution and don't get the Everclear around...
  17. Treeburner

    Minimum Amount of Coconut Oil/Butter

    I'm looking at making a batch of cannabis-infused fudge for Christmas, however my favorite fudge recipe only calls for 1/4 cup of butter (will be using coconut oil instead). Would 1/4 cup of coconut oil contain enough lipids to extract the cannabinoids from about 2.5 Oz of material (2 Oz. ABV...
  18. Treeburner

    Vaping Swamp Oil (aka dark oil, abv bho, etc.)

    Recently I ran 10oz. of butane through about 20g of decent abv, and was left with approximately 1g of dark black oil. Since I typically vape between 400 and 430°F there's obviously little to no thc remaining in the oil, but definitely some other high-boilers as applying the oil to smoked...
  19. lamedroid

    My most efficient abv recipe

    So I've read and tried many abv recipes and fucked about with coconut oil, vg tinctures, firecrackers, vodka, peanutbutter-chocolate bonbons and probably some more I forgot. Sometimes eating the abv too after processing like in the bonbon. On forehand I really liked the idea of a vg tincture...
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