1. Finessseee

    List of vapes that take 18650 removable batteries?

    So far my list consists of: TinyMight, Firewood Vapes, Boundless Tera, Inspire Wand, 510 box mod, Arizer Air… any other notable vaporizers that I’m missing here? Figured I’d add to this list out of curiosity. Any other 18650 removable battery vapes come to mind?
  2. Robert-in-YEG

    Which 18650 batteries do you trust?

    There is a thread here on 18650 Safety, but I don't see one specifically about what batteries are good, and which batteries are not so good. I have used these batteries in industrial electronics for years. They are great batteries, but they can be dangerous. When shorted, these batteries can be...
  3. Vapelung2032

    Mod Newb; DNA? 18650? How to know what's good?

    Hey all, Been enjoying my Splinter Z the last few months, seems I ordered just in time! Been using a Wismec Sinuous P80 with it, and it works okay, but is very inefficient with battery life etc. I have two batteries, but it's annoying only being able to charge through the mod - meaning I can't...
  4. S

    18650 questions

    I have LGHG2 18650 cells that have been in service for various amounts of time. Some for up to 2 years. I also have some Samsung 30Q's How can I weed out the cells that are past their prime? I don't want to just unload all of the HG2's I am sure many are fine. Any ideas would be most...
  5. bluenavey00

    Which 18650 battery charger?

    Hi all, I have an Arizer Air I and II and for many years I have always charged the batteries in the device. I think now I would like a 18650 charger to charge the 6 batteries I have on rotation. Could some people advice which they think is best? Requirements: I'm in the UK, and Amazon is...
  6. spacekadetkiddo

    How safe is my Tubo Evic to use with Samsung 30q batteries?

    I admittedly am a chemistry noob and noob about understanding how batteries like these Samsung 30q 18650s work honestly. I have an XTAR VC2 charger and my Samsung 30q batteries are rated at 3000mAh, but they only charge up to just over 1800mAh it seems. Is there something wrong with my new...
  7. datayoda

    external 18650 charger recommendation?

    I like my Soshine SC-S7 Battery Charger for when I want to charge a 18650 outside of my vaporizer but it's only for one battery. I also bought a XTAR VC2 2 Channel a few months back and it's total junk, it keeps shortening the life of my batteries. Can someone recommend a 2+ channel charger that...
  8. Simple10

    Best 18650 powered dry herb vape?

    Which one should I get the Milaana or the Focus vaporizer? My only requirements are removable 18650 battery use, under $220, on-demand functionality and capable of powerful hits/big clouds.
  9. funkyjunky

    TUBO evic/dual

    Dear FC, may i introduce, the tubo evic the heater consists of three coils in parallel, 26awg ss316l, ~0.3ohms, inside borosilicate tubes inside a 18mm female glass joint. the wire connections are crimped, no solder is used in the heater. the visual wires are high temp silicone, end...
  10. natural farmer


    Hey guys... I was talking to Randy from PIU yesterday and he told me about a new vape they have been testing hard :ko: these days... So I did a small google searching just now and I found the facebook page and the official site. http://flashvape.com https://www.facebook.com/flash.vape...
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